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Why all the buzz on eating bugs? Protein

Why the UN thinks eating insects could help fight world hunger


No dessert until you finish your dragonflies!

Eating more insects could help combat world hunger, says a new report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

In North America insects are generally considered to be more of a curse than a course, yet bugs are consumed regularly by about 30 per cent of the world’s almost 7 billion people.

The report lists a number of reasons for considering entomophagy:

  • Insects are highly nutritious (with high protein, fat and mineral content).
  • They are “extremely efficient” at turning feed into edible meat. For example, crickets require 12 times less feed than cattle to produce the same amount of protein (see chart on p. 60 of report).
  • Insect rearing produces far less greenhouse gases and lower ammonia emissions than other livestock (see charts on p. 63 of report).

Will you be adding bugs to your next meal? If you’re willing to give it a try, check out the Florida Pest Control website—they have recipes for termite salsa, meal worm funnel cake, roasted grasshopper casserole … and more!

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Why all the buzz on eating bugs? Protein

  1. Everyday I read stories where I think that the world needs my grandmother in charge of it and she would slap some sense into the numpties of the world, such as people who want to eat bugs for protein when they can eat tasty meat, legumes or nuts.

    Societies that eat bugs as part of their diet are extremely poor, they are not eating bugs because they taste good. Bugs on sticks, street food in third world countries, are disgusting and I am 98.7% certain no one in North America will start eating creepy crawlies for dinner other than a few kooky foodies.

    • Four legs good, six legs bad?

      • No legs best. ;-)

      • When prepared properly, I like 8 legged squid with a nice sauce. Chopped up of course.

  2. Completely ludicrous! Why on earth would the FAO make such silly statements about eating insects when it’s not only possible, but perfectly healthy to simply eat a 100% plant-based diet while still getting all the protein and nutrients the body requires. Millions of vegans worldwide will happily attest to that.

    In addition, the amount of protein required daily in order to remain healthy is far lower than what most people think it is, and still lower than what national “food guides” say they are. Those numbers tend to be somewhat inflated.

    • Actually my daughter in-law is a vegan and you should see the problems the grand kids are having. She even had pregnancy and bleeding issues. She ignore doctors advice, growing kids need red meat for iron and protein or they don’t grow right. One is in serious trouble. When a roast beef with gravy is what he needs, he gets carrots.

      Fact is the human animal was meant to earth vegetables and meat. You are not going to change this in one generation of mankind. If you want healthy, you eat a well balanced diet and that includes meat.

      I have known several vegans, many seem sickly, weak and those that are not take supplements denning they are made from life forms like fish, cows, etc.

  3. I can see it now – Burger King advertisement for ‘The wHopper’!!!

    • Now that was funny.

      But I am like PETA, people eat tasty animals.

  4. Ah, yes. The UN in action. Trying to persuade the First World to go backwards and live like the Third World. We didn’t progress over the last five hundred years to go back to eating bugs and sitting around a fire.

    • Probably will happen that we as a species do just that. Any one of the items below could cause it:

      – war, after the bombs run out and transportation is destroyed, we might even go to bugs and beyond, such as cannibalism.

      – massive extinction event from meteors, asteroids, stellar mass ejections or quasar beans….where infrastructure and population base is destroyed.

      – biological warfare wipes out 99.99% of mankind, not enough left for a higher level society we go back to ox and till, with bugs and worms for bad crop years.

      – new disease like the black plague. Maybe even more than one at a time, say HIV mutates and goes airborne, followed with a black plague re-occurrence.

      Time is against us as in 200 million years the sun will have grown enough to warm up earth to a point where in our current form, we cannot survive. Yes, the sun is growing. Even the moon is moving away from earth. Our universe is not as constant and unchanging as we think. Bugs will not help us on the ultimate demise of earth that we will never control.

  5. Yep, over populated and population growth out of control people now have to eat insects. Dung is a good way to attract them.

    Sick, but true.

  6. im north American, and have tried bugs and have to say, cooked right they are pretty tasty….