Why Can’t Our TV Promos Be Like This?


No, really, why can’t they? This video started circulating on blogs and Twitter yesterday; it’s a promo for a Norwegian show called Gylne Tider (Golden Years) which has been on since 2002 and does documentary-style interview profiles on celebrities, apparently with a particular focus on U.S. celebrities from the ’80s and ’90s. The show promotes itself by getting the various stars they’ve profiled to lip-synch a little bit to a popular song. So:


The show did a similar promo a couple of years ago, with a different song (“We Are the World”) and a different assortment of lip-synching celebrities.


Here’s an example of what the actual show is like, an interview with Josie Bissett from Melrose Place. It is more or less as I would have expected from the promos. But we’ve had those kinds of interviews with B-list U.S. celebrities in Canada, to say nothing of the U.S. So it’s the promotional videos that really make the show.


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Why Can’t Our TV Promos Be Like This?

  1. Now THAT was nice.

    • It was very cool!!

  2. Thank you for some fun stuff. 'Milli Vanilli" lip-synching – now that put me in stiches.

  3. I'm old fashioned. I want promos to be in some way related to the show.

  4. Thanks for that (I think). With all those familiar faces of the (formerly) famous I didn't know whether to be fascinated or frightened.

  5. The first video is now "restricted from playback" on Macleans.ca. Just so you know.

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