Why doesn’t Dalton McGuinty care about consulting with Canadians?


Adam Radwanski explains how Mr. McGuinty is going to go about recalibrating the Ontario legislature.

Mr. McGuinty apparently grappled with this dilemma for weeks. Yesterday, he announced what his strategists think is a clever compromise. Rather than putting off the return from recess, as Mr. Harper did, the Premier will have the legislature resume as scheduled next Tuesday. Prorogation will happen in March, and government sources say the ensuing break will last no longer than a week before the Throne Speech.


Why doesn’t Dalton McGuinty care about consulting with Canadians?

  1. Perhaps because he does it all the time? Most politicians know what Canadians think because constant travel and discussions are a routine part of the job.

  2. So, he’s proroguing in keeping with its traditional and intended purpose?

    • Exactly. He's proroguing so he can get to a throne speech so we can all focus on the deficit he managed to create through his reckless spending over his two terms in office rather than the mismanagement and scandals going on in his government.

      • No issue is going away, and no bill will die.

        He was left with a deficit, and a massive debt, and has the same problem Obama does.

        • "has the same problem Obama does."

          That would be Being An Executive While Black? Oh no wait, you meant a different problem. :)

          • I was unaware 'being black' was a problem.

        • "He was left with a deficit, and a massive debt, and has the same problem Obama does."

          He was left with a comparatively mild deficit 7 years ago. Between then and now he's managed to quadruple it, only add to that massive debt, and destroy hundreds of thousands of private sector manufacturing jobs in the process through higher taxes and sky-high spending. Blaming the PCs for McGuinty's deficit is like blaming the Liberals for Harper's.

          • 'Mild' deficit eh? Dun thin so. And there's nothing mild about the debt either.

            Mind you Canada went from a $18 Billion surplus to $56 Billion deficit in less than 4 years under Mr Harper.

            I don't think any serious person would accuse either of them for the downfall of GM, Chrysler and steel tho.

            Cons, however, routinely blame the Liberals for the deficit.

          • I think $5 billion is mild compared to $25 billion and I think it is certainly more mild than the $11 billion the PCs inherited. Also, I think serious people would accuse them in part for the downfall of the manufacturing since we are price competitive jurisdiction and McGuinty kept raising taxes. McGuinty was also lobbied for years to implement the pro-business HST and he didn't until he basically had no choice. If it's a good policy now, it was a good policy back then. Instead, McGuinty did nothing and watched the manufacturing sector burn.

          • So, can we agree that McGuinty doesn't get a pass from Liberals for his deficit, and Harper doesn't get a pass from Conservatives for his deficit? This is to both Trillium and sbt.

          • That was kind of what I was going for in my first comment since it could be applied to either one of them.

          • Well I was being serious. I don't think sbt is. Deficits are fine if they're needed, but Harper had a massive surplus and utterly reversed it into a historic deficit. Dalton never had that advantage.

            And to blame Dalton for the manufacturing problem that has been occurring all over the world for years is absurd. I notice that Harper gets no blame at all for it.

          • Before or after it was revealed Harris was cookin the books all the while?

          • The economy was also cooking under Harris. He actually created high-paying manufacturing jobs in this province and Ontario trailed only Alberta in GDP growth. Today, we're bringing up the rear. Way to go McGuinty!

          • Sorry. Rule 13(b), sub-section (c) of the conservative handbook …

            Gummints Don't Create Jobs …

            Glad I could help.

          • so cooking the books was cool as long as the economy was hot? that is some kinda conservatism!!!

          • Where did I say cooking the books was fine? You should really stop reading what you want you to read and read what is actually there. I said the economy was hot under Harris and the Ontario economy was at the head of the pack. With McGuinty we have the opposite. How about you address that statement?

          • 1) you replied to a one issue sentence re cooking the books with a statement about the functioning of the economy… to the degree that you ignored the issue i can only assume you think it is fine to cook the books

            2) the economy was better than then today. sure. i wold point out correlation is not causation.

          • I didn't adress the issue because it was completely off-topic from what I was talking about and ultimately irrelevant to the state of the Ontario economy during the Harris era. It's true that correlation does not always reflect causation but the Ontario economy was more competitive during the Harris years and McGuinty's economic policy has been nothing short of disastrous up until the time he basically admitted that everything Jim Flaherty had said about the Ontario economy was right and started to implement changes in last year's budget. Remember when he was against corporate tax cuts and implementing the HST? I do. It was only slightly more than a year ago.

            At this point, I expect someone to post a one-line reply about how Flaherty called Ontario the last place in Canada to invest, like the words of the finance minister somehow change companies financing decisions more than economic policy, and completely ignore that the McGuinty Liberals are in charge of Ontario's economic policy and have been for the better part of a decade. Am I supposed to believe that somehow they are not responsible for the current state of the Ontario economy? Is nothing McGuinty's fault?

          • As to be distinguished from the Harper "Conservatives", who have been destroying hundreds of thousands of private sector manufacturing jobs through lower taxes and sky-high spending.

  3. For a guy who looks like Sheldon Cooper's older brother, and is saddled with a name like Dalton, McGuinty is impressive in his subtle politics. Given an opponent whose only strength is to deliver a simple and angry message, deigning him the “end of democracy” issue (however irrelevant in Ontario) is smart.

  4. He's worried about the optics, as well he should be. On his side, he has that notion that the prorogation will be short, and that his year's legislative agenda is pretty much…well…empty, at the moment. That said, there are a host of spending kerfuffles and deficit issues that will come up, and prorogation is buying him time – albeit only a week – to prepare for a deluge of strong arguments that he hasn't led the province well.

    Less contentious, but potentially equally painful.

  5. My satire was too subtle to actually be funny I guess. I was jokingly referring to the instances of people being pulled over for "driving while black". I would trace many of Obama's troubles to race, even though many of his enemies would swear otherwise.

    I was in no way implying that being black *is* a problem, sorry for the misunderstanding.

  6. Unlike when Harper prorogued Parliament and destroyed dozens of bills, in Ontario the government is permitted to carry over bills from one session to the other in the exact same place they were. This is just a move to refocus the government agenda for the 2nd half of the term, not an attempt to evade any questions or take a vacation.

  7. Is he avoiding an order from parliament to produce documents?

    Is he trying to shut down investigative committees?

    Has he passed most of the bills he wanted to?

    Then take all the time you reasonably want.

  8. Ontario’s manufacturing woes have way more to do with the rapid appreciation of the dollar than anything McGuinty has done. Also, keep in mind that a substantial amount of the upcoming budget deficit in Ontario is due to tax reform/cuts designed to improve Ontario’s competitiveness. AFAIK, McGuinty did not introduce any new taxes on business, anyway. He did raise personal income taxes through the health premium, but this has little to do with competitiveness.

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