Why Ignatieff won: special literary edition


This year, the jurors – Margaret Atwood, Bob Rae and Colm Toibin – tackled 95 books from 38 publishers. As for which 95 books got taken up to the Rae cottage this summer, Scotiabank Giller Prize administrator Elana Rabinovitch isn’t telling.

National Post (emphasis added)


Why Ignatieff won: special literary edition

  1. Yeah, I had read that earlier, thinking that “reading 95 books in one summer” would be impossible for anyone to digest.

  2. Proposal for new cliché: Ignatieff plays chess while his opponents are holed up in their cottages, reading.

    (Still needs some work: it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue)

  3. How much time could he devote to reading this summer? What with all that skinny-dipping…

  4. So you’re saying Iggy has saved us from a Liberal party led by Margaret Atwood?

  5. Darn. My book only just missed the cutoff. The title?

    ‘How to Win Contests and Influence Liberals’

  6. Maybe he had Jack and Gilles ( he he ) to help him out ?

  7. There was perhaps a reading subcommittee formed? It should be noted that Atwood helped unmake Harper.

  8. It would certainly explain the peculiar inclusion of “Othello” on the shortlist this year.

  9. Michael Ignatieff – Not a reader!

  10. Have you dropped out of “Capital Read”, Wells?

  11. Gosh, my most recent reading material is Clifford the Big Red Dog – do you think Rae’s read that one?

    I was babysitting my great niece – and she made me read it to her.

  12. Michael Ignatieff portrays himself as a patrician snob. He needs to work on his condescension style.
    A Preston Manning make over??

  13. We’ve found someone who subscribes to Capital Read! I can go back in then. Sorry about that Tiger; I was just trying to clean up the list of “posted in” categories at the top of my blog posts.

    Everyone: You should subscribe to Capital Read. Tiger can tell you how to do it ’cause I sure don’t know.

  14. I actually wrote to PMO, Dion’s office, and Ignatieff (in that order, at intervals) offering to ghostwrite, pro bono, replies to Yann Martel’s rather satirical “What Is Stephen Harper Reading?” site, at which the Booker laureate recommends, weekly, a Great Book for the PM to tackle. Only Ignatieff wrote back (well, a staffer did), saying he’d get back to me; but did not. Oh no, PMO sent me a note saying “Thank you for your concern.” Anyway, it looks like I should have tried Rae!

  15. I’m a Capital Read’er too …

  16. Me to! But I thought Wells had simply been less prolific than usual.

  17. Oh dear…. ‘to’ ought to be too.

  18. Wells –

    Nah, I’m just lazy. Going to Capital Read to see whether there are new posts is easier than checking each person’s place individually for this Canadian political junkie to get his fix.

    How to subscribe? No idea. I just go here:

    But if we have to go to Inkless Wells exclusively to get more stuff from our host here, I will. (With the occasional grumble.)

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