Will Regis Philbin Have His Guests Flogged?


This isn’t really new at all, but ABC finally made it official: they’re bringing back Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with Regis Philbin. It’s just another reminder that the best way to get a show on the air is to find a way to tie it in with a recently-successful movie. It’s just that in this case, the successful movie prompted the network to bring back an old show, instead of doing a new show that imitates the movie (that will presumably come later).

The initial announcement suggests that the network has learned its lesson, or wants us to think it has; the return of the show, starting August 9, is being billed as an “11 night event” rather than a continuing series. But you have to figure that if the Millionaire mini-series is successful, ABC will bring it back on a regular basis and wind up making everyone tired of it again. 

But this is an opportunity for them to finally, finally use the theme song that they should have been using all along.



Will Regis Philbin Have His Guests Flogged?

  1. Thanks for linking to the clip of the song–one of the best that Porter ever wrote.

    It also got me thinking–HIGH SOCIETY works much better than the 1940 non-musical version THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, because I can easily imagine falling in love with Grace Kelly–not just beautiful, but smart and sweet and really sexy.

    The ’40 version, on the other hand, starred Katherine Hepburn, who was beautiful and even sexy on occassion, but mostly a nag, except when she was melting in the abusive arms of Spencer Tracy (there was a dynamic at work in that relationship that makes you want to take a long hot shower if you think about it too much, but produced wonderful movies).

    As an interesting side not, the stage version of all of this came about when Philip Barry spent a weekend with Hepburn and her equally-awful family, her tagging along ex-husband, and her weird boyfriend Howard Hughes–and realized there was a show in this . . .

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