Will They Call It Hawaii 6-0? Or Hawaii 5-1?


Okay, who had “Hawaii 5-0” in the “next show to be revived in a ‘next generation’ version” poll?

To answer my question in the subject line, according to the article writer-producer Ed Bernero (Criminal Minds) is referring to it as “Hawaii 5-0 2.0.”

There’s something strangely indestructible about Hawaii 5-0. First of all, it kept on running until 1980, long after every other late ’60s procedural was long gone. It had a healthy life in syndication and the DVDs have sold well. What is it about the show that gives it such staying power? Is it just the combination of police procedural with a semi-exotic location?

The article emphasizes that if this show goes to series, it will keep the theme song. As it should. Even by the very last episode, where Jack Lord appears in a terrible disguise that makes him look like a slightly less out-of-shape George Peppard, they still had the theme song more or less sounding the same after twelve years.


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Will They Call It Hawaii 6-0? Or Hawaii 5-1?

  1. I don’t think the show’s long-lasting success is much of a mystery. Obviously, shooting in Hawaii has a lot to do with it; no shows were filming there when 5-0 first went on the air, and outside of MAGNUM, P.I., which “replaced” 5-0, no other successful shows have (I’m leaving out LOST, which shoots in Hawaii, but doesn’t, for obvious reasons, show it off). Plus, 5-0 had an incredibly charismatic lead actor (almost all successful dramas do, again, LOST excepted) and above-average scripting.

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