Will wonders never cease


Two provincial governments decide to do something useful without asking for Ottawa’s permission (or federal tax dollars) first. What hath TILMA wrought?


Will wonders never cease

  1. I thought Mr. McGuinty intended to join TILMA, which guarantees that any province which wishes to join it may. Has he been unable to for some other reason?

  2. I don’t follow interprovincial trade closely, which apparently makes me part of the vast right-wing media conspiracy when I am not pulling shifts with the vast left-wing media conspiracy. (Not a dig at you, Okhropir Rumiani, just a general sigh of confusion.) Here is the mother of all TILMA-critical blogs, from which you can glean much useful information whatever your viewpoint is, including recent updates on where McGuinty is with regard to the deal/ area/ thingie:

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