Will You Sign Jimmy Fallon’s Saved By the Bell Reunion Petition?


Jimmy Fallon has had his first really good idea as a late-night talk show host: lobbying for a reunion of NBC’s Saved By the Bell. His push for this noble goal included an appearance by Mr. Belding himself and an online Saved By the Bell Reunion petition. I will sign it as long as they promise that they won’t let Tori be a part of the reunion.

Ken Tucker asks if this stunt is “lame or not lame,” coming down on the “lame” side. Me, I go for “not lame.” Fallon is trying to go for a style that has Conan’s randomness and pop-culture obsessions but in a slightly less ironic way, and he hasn’t really found it yet. But this is a good start toward finding that style: something that appeals to both sides of us, the ironic hipster side that likes to make fun of bad sitcoms and the sweet, nostalgic side that still loves them. (You notice I didn’t talk about how this bit appeals to people who didn’t watch Saved By the Bell. That’s because there weren’t any.)

For those who want to pretend they don’t remember Saved by the Bell, The Nostalgia Critic reviewed it recently.


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Will You Sign Jimmy Fallon’s Saved By the Bell Reunion Petition?

  1. Anything that reminds me of growing up, even though I was a few years too young to truly appreciate Saved by the Bell when it was on, I will sign!

  2. Didn’t Tori basically get retconned out of existence anyway?

  3. Nothing says funny like a petition.

  4. I’ve actually never seen Saved by the Bell. I have managed to gather most of it via osmosis, though.

  5. I will sign it only if Elizabeth Berkeley will wear her Showgirls oufit.

  6. I will be honoured to sign this noble petition.

  7. Didn’t Conan do something similar for getting Dirty Dancing released on it’s anniversary? With all that Colbert does, it seems that there’s a trend these day to mobilize the base of your audience. We’ve even seen it at Macleans, with getting Kady sent to the G20.

  8. I would sign a petition to get Jimmy Fallon off late night. I’ve never seen someone so terrible at stand up.

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