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More from David Akin.

Just in: PM & cabinet eating seal ribs and liver, both raw and boiled. First time PM has eaten seal. Sadly – no photos!



  1. Just to be clear: you originally called the PM & Cabinet "wimps" because Akin thought that only cooked seal meat would be on the menu, and now you are correcting your original Wimps post because it turns out they ate raw seal meat after all?

    • Ah, I see you just added a question mark. Blogging at its finest.

  2. I would love an opportunity to chow down with a traditional meal with the Inuit. maybe … here is a thought .. maybe if a few canadian chefs did some sort of promotional thing and the media gave it some attention we could highlite a market for fine dining eskimo style – hmmmm I think it has potential!

  3. Lawrence Cannon is a Silver Fox in that photo!

  4. Another reason I couldn't "stomach" being an elected representative.