Winter Olympics: "Hockey Gold" Photo Album -

Winter Olympics: “Hockey Gold” Photo Album

A few final snapshots


With this, I conclude my reports from the Winter Games. (My expense-account padding will continue indefinitely.) Fittingly, I end with boobies. Street boobies, no less. But I save those for the end, because that’s just like me. Thanks to all who followed along here and across the site. Here are some pics from the real and forever Hockey Day in Canada:



I high-fived 118 people walking along Robson. This girl high-fived way more.

Rare is the day I regret not wearing my white uni-body leotard and red mittens out in public. Today was one of those days. Casper here got some serious attention.

Imagine what he would have had to do if he’d lost the bet.

Actually, strike that. Don’t imagine it. STOP IMAGINING IT!

First of all, I’d like to take a bow for my brilliant job of censoring these naked street boobies. True artistry. The best part of this scene was that the bike came to a stop light and, in true Canadian fashion, the girl immediately covered up with the flag. You can have a peek but you cannot have a gander!


Winter Olympics: “Hockey Gold” Photo Album

  1. The Mens Hockey game was a fantastic ending to a great games. I gotta say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. After years of hearing of cost overruns and Olympic scale screwups I came into it with a good dose of cynicism. But give credit where it is due, the organizers, athletes and volunteers did a stellar job of keeping the events on track and provided excellent entertainment value.

  2. I think the dye is coming off of that guy's black jacket.

    • Actually, it was a white jacket this morning. The lass has been all over him…

      • What is even more shocking in that photo? Only one Starbucks.

        • There was a Starbucks in that photo? Guess I didn't notice…

      • I'm glad she won/lost the coin toss with the gal to her left

  3. thanks for the Olympic reporting Scott! You've been great as always!

  4. Dot is the funniest commenter.

  5. Oh wow, some of these pics are amazing! This reminds me of some of my volleyball days, so cool! I know they are so proud :)

  6. Winning feels so good. Cool pics.

  7. Well, scott, you took a photo, and i not only took a peek, and also have more than a gander, to be honest, and have been spending six staight sleepless nights in that area.

    Wondering around and dreaming of spotting the bike again, of course the guy of course.

    I was holding a bucket of red paint, hoping to put it on her with my tender hands so she does not have to cover her up with the red flag.

    So glad you did not take the moment when the flag covered her. Quick snapshot, Scott. i owe yu a big one.

  8. Canada must be so prowd. Can't wait for the London Olympics 2012 Booking my tickets today.