Winter Olympics: Whistler Photo Album No. 3 -

Winter Olympics: Whistler Photo Album No. 3

Featuring bikinis and signage!


An American child touches the Canadian Buddha. Quick: We need a Canadian kid to go touch the American Jesus!

So far as I can tell, this man spends his entire day walking around Whistler and having his photo taken with various passersby. Often he is swigging beer from a plastic cup. Santa Claus, I beg of you: reach out to your brother before his drinking gets out of hand!

I went to the athlete’s village to interview a skier for a magazine piece. We’re not allowed into the village itself, but there’s a little courtyard into which we can gain entry after a shuttle ride, a security check, another security check and a forfeiture of second-born child (we all used our first-born to pay for Internet in the Media Centre). In the courtyard, there’s a swag shop for athletes, where you can purchase this authentic Olympic competition bib for… $112. I saw a Czech guy buy four. I’ll say this much: No family in the entire republic is going to have a more creative family Christmas card this year.

At the downhill: Some lady dressed up as a wild beast is videotaped by a tourist and both, in turn, are photographed by me. My apologies to the Austrian skier we completely ignored while doing this.

Italy: Ugly official outfit or the ugliest official outfit?

At a store along Whistler’s Village Stroll, these ladies were trying to sell copies of a bikini calendar whose proceeds go to I don’t know or care. Later, I would go over to investigate for highly journalistic reasons.

I just have absolutely no idea.

Took this photo at the Feist concert after the medal presentations on Tuesday night. I’ll say one thing about the Vancouver Organizing Committee: they are committed to signage. To enter the designated mosh pit area, you must have a confirmed mosh pit ticket with “mosh pit” clearly visible in the upper left hand corner.  I managed to sneak in, but wasn’t allowed to have any fun because my ticket didn’t say “fun-having” in the bottom right-hand corner.


Winter Olympics: Whistler Photo Album No. 3

  1. It's going to be hard for you to make fun of the next NFL tailgate event you go to.

    • Indeed. Tailgaters are pikers compared to this lot but we do have world contributing, not just drunk football fans from north america. There was a photo of a guy in pink fake fur coat the other day – the image has been burned onto my brain apparently and will never be forgotten.

      Who wants a calendar in Feb? Maybe they should imitate a couple of women I saw at Venice beach – pretty girls in bikinis on roller blades selling pastries. I think that would be more profitable than calendars.

      Another great post, Feschuk. Really made me laugh a few times.

      • Who wants a calendar in February?

        You actually believe men when they say they buy Playboy for the articles, don't you.

        • Other than the articles, and 20 questions, why would you buy Playboy?

          All I am saying is that calendar sellers presumably want to make money and not many people are going to give $25 or whatever for an old calendar. That's why I suggested pastries – the pretty girls I saw at Venice beach were making good money selling cheap pastries to horny guys.

          • Other than the articles, and 20 questions, why would you buy Playboy?

            LOL. OK, in 2010, that's an excellent point.

            That said, while I'm sure the ladies in Venice beach can make excellent money on pastries, from a consumer point of view it's a much less attractive offer. Sure, maybe I buy pastries from a scantily clad lady because I'm horny, but an hour later, back at my hotel, I'm still going to be horny (I'm a male aged 18-35, I will be). Now, if I had bought a calendar of PICTURES of the scantily clad ladies, maybe I've purchased a temporary solution to that ongoing problem.

            Also, while a scantily clad lady might be able to convince me to purchase a picture of her scantily clad (conveniently packaged with 11 more pictures of her scantily clad friends) for $25, I don't care how attractive the young ladies are, I'm not shelling out $25 for a pastry.

          • Unhhh… LKO, Feschuk has an illustrated manual of how you can cure that condition in your hotel room.

  2. Is there ever any actual moshing going on in the mosh pit? 'Cause while that sign is completely hilarious, it does accomplish one thing. It'd presumably make it a lot harder to kick somebody out of the venue for moshing.

  3. Let me answer your question this way: the man standing next to me was wearing a Tilley hat.

    • Hey! I wear a Tilley hat! We mosh!!!

      Oh wait…. mosh is another word for garden, right?

      • That's moss.

  4. Also, it probably helps when the models are bustier than the guy buying the calendar.

  5. I have been waiting for it for a while now, but seeing a designated mosh-pit proves my theory that mosh pits died the moment someone coined the term "mosh pit." And Feschuk, I love your writing and know you have great taste in music, but have also seen pictures. I hope there was no moshing (especially at Feist concert) for the sake of your knees! Think of your future, man!

    • I think it'd be hilarious if moshing broke out at the Feist concert just because the sign made a bunch of people feel obliged to mosh.

  6. Sorry, Scott, all the "fun-having" tickets went to the VIP's. Sadly, they forgot the indoctrination and traing course for them

  7. On first looking, I thought "Santa's brother" was Wiebo Ludwig and I thought, "Good for him! He really does need to get out more."

  8. Picture # 2

    Thats how they dress in Pemberton. Nothing new :-)

  9. Someone should send some "fun-having" tickets to the British media.

    • the brits enjoy fun about as much as a trip to the dentist!

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