With or without you


Afghan committee hearings will apparently resume, unofficially, next month.

Layton says the three opposition parties have reached an agreement to continue unofficial committee hearings into that controversy while Parliament is suspended. The first hearing is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 3.

It would seem at least some NDP MPs will be in Ottawa next week. The Liberals have released a rough outline of their plans.


With or without you

  1. Excellent.

    Events not quite unfolding as Mr. Harper thought.

    • You're sure? I tend to think he assumed they'd do just this, which'll be much easier to dismiss as a substance-free partisan witch hunt.

      • Is this why jolyon says (below): "People are sick of pols and their asinine behaviour"?

        • It may be just theatrics. But if it only succeeds in reminding voters that Harper precipitated this it'll have served its purpose…and who knows it may inspire a witness or two to be more forthcoming than they otherwise might have been…and it keeps the detainee issue alive. In any case the fact that Harper doesn't have any influence over events is probably causing some concern in the PMO. I guess we'll find out?

      • At this moment in time, it's not hard to figure that Mr Harper's "radar" was a little off on prorogation. Does this rattle his cage and affect other plans? I'm sure the original plan was to twin Olympic glory with the Conservative government through photo ops. Such photos may now remind Canadians how the government ditched work to be at the games.

        Committee meetings may be a stunt, but you can never tell what might gain traction with the voters, can you? Can the PMO dismiss this without looking snide?

      • right. i mean it was easy to dismiss prorogation as the normal functioning of parliament, wasn't it?

  2. That seems to be the only way to hold his feet to the fire!!

  3. People are sick of pols and their asinine behaviour. This stunt might be effective if oppo MPs can take themselves and topic seriously and keep it from descending into partisan attacks and gamesmanship.

    I know what outcome I am expecting but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

    • I am in agreement with you, but can you explain what they might do to legitimaize (for lack of a better word) the topic and to stop it from turning into a PPF (partisan pillow fight).

      • As far as I can tell, most MPs need entirely new personalities and ways of behaviour. MPs just can't seem to keep themselves from behaving like Parliament is freak show and they are star attractions.

        I think Afghan is wrong topic to focus on – Libs and Dippers accusing Canadians of war crimes, which is what they are already doing and likely to continue, is not going to help oppo parties like they seem to think it will.

        I would focus on something to do with economy or job creation and make it seem like we are hard at work – Harper/Cons fiddle while Canada burns type message.

  4. Hmm…since the limits of parliamentary privilege seemed to be a central issue during the actual hearings, I wonder how how effective parliamentary privilege will be in extracting national security information in the "unofficial" hearings.

    I think I know the answer.

    • no lawyer in his right mind would allow his client to attend one of these gimmick meetings!

      • Xactly.

        They likely also run afoul of the departmental polices concerning public servant participation in partisan activities.

        So, I assume that if they get off the ground at all, the "witnesses" will either be a few retired public servants, and academics and NGO types.

        In other words, it will be a big circle-you-know-what.

        If the NDP is lucky, maybe they can screw up the current anti-prorogation momentum with this side show!

  5. Quick, someone alert PMO to send a cameraman there to record the hearings !!

  6. Throne Speech?/!! Wee don't need no steenkin' Thrown Speech!!

  7. Good grief, Wherry – is this some sort of subtle comment on prorogation through lyrical context? "Sleight of hand and twist of fate, on a bed of nails she makes me wait" "My hands are tied"?

    • I think you are thinking about the significance of the reference more than Wherry is.

    • "Sleight of hand and twist of fate, on a bed of nails she makes me wait"

      I think that was last year's prorogation / visit to the GG.

      • Yeah, that's what I thought. Still, we'll see if the committee shines like stars in winter night.

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