Woody Allen… you are not the father

Ronan Farrow tweets about Frank Sinatra and his rather complicated family history



Woody Allen… you are not the father

  1. Well I’d say Sinatra, but that’s just me.

    • Ha, well I’d say Mia has a new book coming out. Seriously, though, it’s hard to tell because Ronan (who used to be Satchel) looks so much like her. I can’t see either Frank or Woody in him. Not sure what Andre Previn looks like — will google to see.

      • Yeah, and Woody has another movie coming out so we get another round of publicity.

        And we’ll hear all about Dylan being molested again. We did Polanski last month, so I guess Jerry Lee Lewis is next. As scandals go, twerking just doesn’t cut it. LOL

        • I believe Dylan tells her story in the current Vanity Fair. And Ronan is very active with the US Democrats — lots of photos of him with Hilary. Ronan is brilliant and very very angry.

          • I don’t blame him….but I hope he finds a way past it. At the moment he’s using it to his advantage.

        • Yeah Emily, I heard that when Jerry Lee Lewis wrote “Great Balls of Fire” he named it after you.

      • Maybe it’s just me, or just the suit, but I sure see a young Sinatra in this picture. And in this one.

        • Hm, maybe. He certainly doesn’t look like Woody. Wouldn’t a simple DNA test determine this — even if Woody didn’t participate, his sister could, and the Sinatras seem to be involved.

          • I am not sure Ronan will want to know the truth. When your supposed parent is such a disappointment and so morally repugnant, it is likely a relief of sorts to just hold onto the belief that someone else might have contributed their genetic material to your makeup. As long as your mother is saying this is a possibility, you can find solace in the hoping but once you run the DNA test, you find out the real truth and there is no more hiding from the fact that you are the spawn of a man who seduced your sister, while acting in the role of a father.

        • Oh definitely that second one!

          • I just read that Ronan has a new talk show started up, which may explain the strange announcment from Mia and the subsequent deluge of coverage. I see a political career ahead for him. And you know, in addition to being brilliant, he’s very handsome — I never thought of scrawny old Sinatra as handsome, even when young, but Ronan’s blue eyes are striking.

          • Ahh another reason ….figures.

            Sinatra was poor, and scrawny…..but Ronan had the benefit of better food and an education. Ronan should do well. The ‘scandalous’ background even adds glamour.

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