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Wouldn’t you buy this magazine?

A little makeup could really jazz up some of our other covers, says Scott Feschuk


Photo illustrations by Levi Nicholson and Richard Redditt

The cover of last week’s Maclean’s featured a photo of astronaut Chris Hadfield sporting the lightning-bolt makeup made famous by David Bowie. The issue was a big seller, very popular. In keeping with current trends in society—in which every success is seized on, duplicated, reduplicated and otherwise exploited until it is casually discarded, spent and lifeless along the side of the pop culture highway—I recommended that, effective immediately, all of our covers feature only famous people in famous makeup. Stephen Harper as the Grinch. Thomas Mulcair as one of those Na’vi people from Avatar. The Queen made up like Gene Simmons of Kiss for some reason.

Alas, the fools who run the magazine wouldn’t listen, but this pretty much shows that I was completely 100 per cent right.


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Wouldn’t you buy this magazine?

  1. My sides are hurtin’ from laughing so hard. I think Feschuk is on to something here.

  2. Totally great. Kudos to Nicholson & Redditt too.

  3. Loved the do/don’t buy a house and “Paul Wells solves everything” ones.

  4. More, please.

  5. More, please

  6. More, please.

  7. Oops, sorry about that

  8. On to something here SF. It’s all great. For some reason i loved: Stop protecting your kids from lions. Right across from Wells solves everything.