Wow, This Will Totally Make Me Love “Family Guy”


I never liked Family Guy, but now that they’re doing an episode with such delightful people as Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove, I’m clearly on board.

In an episode being produced for next season, the Griffins’ liberal dog, Brian, gets bored and frustrated because he feels he no longer has anything to complain about with Barack Obama in the White House. So Brian becomes a Republican and starts listening to Rush Limbaugh (who, apparently, also sings a song).

Limbaugh has actually birchwood t barlowbeen on the show once before, so the novelty isn’t huge, and Rove, of course, is well on his way to converting himself into a media personality who is beloved by all in the TV news industry. (The fact that he has no intellectual integrity is not a problem in an industry that also likes Newt Gingrich and James Carville.) Part of that strategy is getting a reputation for being a “good sport,” which explains why a Family Guy appearance will help his career.

More interesting than the guest stars is the irony of the plot summary: it’s being announced at a time when it’s clear that liberals have plenty to complain about with Obama in the White House and that (as with Clinton) they may spend the next four to eight years fighting a rearguard action against conservatives (including conservative Democrats), no matter who has the power.

But I admit that’s not Family Guy‘s fault; animated shows can’t stay on top of the headlines, except for South Park, and even that show isn’t as current as it used to be. Maybe by the time the episode airs, the headlines will have changed again and it will once again seem timely. But sometimes it’s better for a cartoon, with its long lead time, to ignore current headlines altogether. The picture to the left is from The Simpsons‘ episode “Sideshow Bob Roberts,” first written in early 1994 when Democrats controlled everything, health-care reform seemed likely to pass, and conservatives like Limbaugh and Sideshow Bob were being written off as marginal figures. By the time the episode aired, health-care reform was dead and the Republicans were on track to take back Congress (which they did, not long after the episode aired), and the show had become timely by refusing to be tied to specific ripped-from-the-headlines news items. Just another reason why season 6 The Simpsons is better than Family Guy.


Wow, This Will Totally Make Me Love “Family Guy”

  1. And after this, it'll be "snuff cartoons" where the voice actor gets murdered in real life!

  2. The fact that he has no intellectual integrity

    Well, I'm sure convinced by a random snarky link in the middle of a near-completely-unrelated post. Your political ideas are deeply intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • What he should have written is that Rove is an unindicted war criminal, but I'm sure that wouldn't have met with your approval either.

    • I'm sure you're just as upset by my random and unsupported negativity about James Carville.

    • You forgot to mention my random and unsupported meanness to James Carville.

      • Random meanness in the vein of "I just don't like him, so nyahh" is one thing; linking offsite that purports to explain why that's not just an opinion, but a defensible argument, is another. Either is irrelevant to the news item and only preaches to the choir, but the latter is less justifiable in your position.

        Y'know, since you asked.

    • Did you get that thing I sent you?

      …I couldn't resist.

  3. Isn't Kelsey Grammar, the voice of Sideshow Bob, a Republican in real life? I guess it's weird to picture Republicans as being able to make fun of themselves when they seem like such sticks-in-the-mud in real life.

  4. Well, given that Rove has no intellectual integrity, and is probably not that funny as well, makes him a perfect fit for Family Guy.

  5. Family Guy is a great show, and some of the ideas in the new seasons have been really great, even the animation aspect, but the Simpsons is just all time classic, so I'd have to say I lean more towards them.

  6. Wow. Well…I'm intrigued by the fact that family guy staff are willing to have those two on the show, but…this is probably more of a 'lets try and stay controversial' dig, more than a 'lets give them a chance to say their piece' attempt. I don't like Family Guy because its humor has degraded from controversial but witty to controversial and slapstick, in my opinion. This entire thing might be an attempt to stir up further talk about the show, and so far it seems to be working. Then again, they ARE on Fox…so this could also have been handed down as an attempt to put these two, and maybe others as the show progresses, in a good light with the age bands that watch that show. I don't know, but crazier things have happened in the last eight years, so its worth a consider.

    Either way, I won't be seeing this.

  7. Rush Limbaugh a cartoon character! Is this news?


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  9. Yep, Rush Limbaugh has been mocked so many time already!!!


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  10. I really like family guy, but I've never watched it alone. I can't seem to enjoy shows like family guy, simpsons, futurama etc when I'm watching it alone. Those shows has to be watched with a crowd, in my opinion.

  11. Actually, I'll find it interesting if Fox airs the Limbaugh-Rove episode about the same time as Seth McFarlane plans to release the Lois-has-an-abortion "Family Guy" episode on the Internet. It could make for several days of interesting calls to Rush's show (or at least several days of interesting calls to his call screener).

  12. It's a safe bet that the columnist and most of the commenters:

    a) love Rahm Emmanuel and Axelrod for doing all the same things and more for which they despise Karl Rove.
    b) have never actually listened to a Limbaugh show but merely other libs' spin on it as a shortcut.

    demonstrating the sine qua non of liberalism:
    a) hypocrisy
    b) combining imaginary moral superiority and willful ignorance.

    Limbaugh's style isn't my cup of tea but I audit him occasionally and the man deals mainly with facts, something libs would do well to become better acquainted with instead of treating them like kryptonite.

    Have also audited Family Guy in the sense of didn't turn off the kitchen TV when it came on while I was working there and the psycho baby who's apparently gay (hot off today's presses) was feeling up the babysitter and murdered his rival her boyfriend while the mother character tried to seduce a teenage boy for some reason dressed as a superhero so still waiting for a glimmer of humor to make it through the pedophilia…