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2014: A year in pictures

Photo director Andrew Tolson presents the most compelling images of the year


Every day, Maclean’s editors look at hundreds of photographs. Each December, we publish the best of the best in the Year in Pictures issue.

“We wanted to find the most compelling images — the ones that would most resonate with our readers,” says Photo Director Andrew Tolson.

In this video, Tolson describes the work that went into this year’s edition and explains what makes these photographs unique:

And here’s a gallery of some of the best from 2014:

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2014: A year in pictures

  1. This picture shows exactly what should happen to the people who continue to abuse and torment the bulls. This is not a sport, nor a reason to celebrate at all. It is a shameful, cruel practice and participants should be charged with criminal offences. There is no way for a bull to escape torture. It makes me physically ill!

  2. I do not necessarily agree with the order or a few choices but very interesting pictures.

  3. The images are really awesome and its really great to see al the best images at the end of the year.