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Yo, Coop!


I’m not really sure who Anderson Cooper’s upcoming daytime talk show is supposed to reach — he’s no replacement Oprah, that’s for sure — but I do have a suggestion for the opening credits and theme music.

The other bit of TV development news is that NBC, proving that they still have the spirit that gave us Knight Rider and Bionic Woman, has hired Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) to write a remake of The Munsters. I’m hearing a few people say it might be good if Fuller’s involved, which I think is a bit overstating the impact one showrunner can have. The producers of the original Munsters were two guys who make Fuller seem a minor figure by comparison — Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, head writers of Amos n’ Andy and creators of Leave It To Beaver — and while they could make The Munsters solid and professional, they couldn’t make it great.

However, since it’s Fuller, we can at least figure that it will have a quirky and acclaimed pilot, and lots of problems after that. But I fear that in keeping with today’s literalism, they’ll try to explain why all the monsters are the way they are (e.g. why Lily doesn’t suck people’s blood, why she and Herman could produce a werewolf as offspring), which would kill the joke.

The fun of a remake like this is casting suggestions; obviously the question is not whether Brad Garrett will be offered the role of Herman, but whether he’ll take it.


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Yo, Coop!

  1. One of the best TV theme songs ever. They better not make some lame-o Blink 182 style theme for the remake. One of the things that put me of "Enterprise" was it's horrid theme from the get-go.

  2. I'm curious as to why you seem so skeptical of Anderson Cooper's new show. He's handsome, charming, funny, is gay enough to indulge in dishy gossip, and still masculine (and closeted) enough not to frighten middle America. For a daytime talk show, that sounds like a demographic perfect storm.

    It does strike me as a curious career move, but the show itself doesn't sound like an obvious flop.

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