You heard it here first -

You heard it here first


This analysis seems entirely reasonable. Or at least as reasonable as any other analysis you’re likely to read or hear on the subject in the weeks to come.


You heard it here first

  1. Didn't he run for the Greens in Vancouver the last time out?

  2. Where's Kresgin (sp?) when you need him.

  3. Oh, great now the Americans are going to think we all wear kilts in Canada.

  4. Hey, I didn't know Canadians wore kilts! You must freeze to death! How do you keep them down on the dog sleds?

    • The question is – do they wear anything under the kilts.

      • Socks and shoes.

  5. With rocks …. from the Wassisname Shield.

  6. If it's Scottish…. you know it's crrraaaaap!

  7. Where's my Alexander Keith's beer ?

    • Over here, next to the child porn.

    • You can Pict it up on your way out.


  8. This is actually an excellent analysis and very original.

    • Can you pick me up some Vitameatavegamin at the Ex?

  9. Thanks to everyone for the comments, especially you Jack. While I certainly wanted it to be fun, I'm glad you picked up on the uniqueness. I was pretty amazed at the trends when I looked at them. It's going to be very interesting to see what Mr. Ignatieff does.

    Blair Robertson