You know what we do to people like that -

You know what we do to people like that


Doug Finley wants to know who might’ve whispered sometthing to the Telegraph-Journal.

Presumably so that person can be given a high-ranking job in government.


You know what we do to people like that

  1. In fairness, Sparrow wasn't promoted for leaking or manipulating the media but for insulting our CF families better than anybody else.

  2. In fairness, the two links you provided are completely dissimilar situations. It's almost as if the inclusion of the second link was motivated by spite, rather than relevance.

    • The spite itself is well motivated, however.

      • I'm sure the spite was motivated by the very highest of motives; still, I prefer spite that is relevant, regardless of motive.

        • Isn't that setting the bar a little high?

          • Apparently, yes.

  3. I think this is what you're looking for, Aaron.

    One Conservative aide took pride in pointing out that his party fabricated an internal party memo suggesting their troops were most afraid of Michael Ignatieff – and most anxious to face Rae.

    The ersatz memo was leaked to a pair of English-and French-language newspapers and ran under headlines that cast it as a behind-the-scenes peek at Tory strategy.

    The name of Tory campaign chair Doug Finley, the supposed author of the memo, was stamped on the document as an afterthought.

    The Tories then made arrangements to get the memo leaked through a third party to English and French newspapers, Tory sources said.

      • must… change…channel