You Say Muhammed, I Say Mohammed, South Park Says "Bleep" -

You Say Muhammed, I Say Mohammed, South Park Says “Bleep”

An already censored episode gets even more censored


You’ve probably heard about the weirdness involving part 2 of South Park‘s anniversary episode, but here’s the quick recap:

Their 200th episode, last week, was a fan-friendly tip of the hat to many celebrity parodies and storylines from earlier in the season, including season 10’s controversy over showing Mohammed. (They showed him in the episode “Super Best Friends,” which Comedy Central still shows, but the network refused to allow his depiction in new episodes.) As Kyle said, “Dude, I can’t believe we’re dealing with this Mohammed thing again,” but they did, and the episode ended with Mohammed dressed in a bear suit that covered him from head to toe, so he would never be seen. After the episode aired, the U.S.-based Islamic fundamentalist website warned that Trey Parker and Matt Stone might wind up like Theo Van Gogh, something that the writer argued was a “prediction” rather than a “threat” (i.e. something you can get arrested for). Last night’s episode continued the story from part 1, and like part 1, Mohammed had a huge “censored” bar in front of him every time he appeared without the bear costume. But this time every mention of Mohammed’s name was bleeped, rendering the episode completely incomprehensible if you hadn’t seen part 1.

Because the bleeping was so unexpected and unprecedented, and especially because the entire “I learned something today” speech was also bleeped (something that seemed clearly deliberate on Parker and Stone’s part), a lot of people, including me, assumed that the bleeping was an intentional meta-joke about censorship. But then Parker and Stone announced that Comedy Central wouldn’t allow the episode to be streamed online yet, and Comedy Central said that they had in fact added extra bleeps to the episode. So exactly what the “uncensored” version of the episode was supposed to look like is still unknown.

The possibility that this is all a stunt on the part of Parker and Stone, or Comedy Central, has been brought up a few times. It certainly is getting them much more attention than the original intent — to do a follow-up episode where Mohammed’s name is mentioned but his image is censored — would have done. And I thought last week that Parker and Stone might be going back to the Mohammed thing because nothing else they’ve done this season has gotten many headlines for them. (The two-parter, while funny, is another indication that they no longer have any frame of reference outside of their own show.) But it’s also possible that Comedy Central got some serious threats and decided to try and obscure what the episode was about. We’ll have to wait to find out exactly what happened.

As to how this applies to Canada, that also remains to be seen. The Comedy Network shows new South Park episodes “uncensored” on Sundays, but since no uncensored version has been streamed online, I don’t know what version the Comedy Network has been given, if any.

Update: The linked story has been updated with a statement from Parker and Stone, clarifying that the bleeps — including the bleeping of Kyle’s speech — were all Comedy Central’s:

In the 14 years we’ve been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it.

That’s very, very weird. I assume a statement from Comedy Central will eventually be issued, but even then, it will never explain what the hell happened if the network decided to censor an already heavily self-censored episode.

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You Say Muhammed, I Say Mohammed, South Park Says “Bleep”

  1. Crap, this means the Steyn readers are going to show up on Jaime's blog.

  2. grow a backbone and some intestinal fortitude. Don't let these Bullies influence your rights. Oh, what if they were Christians?.

    • If they were christians, they would torture you until you confessed your sin, then burn you at the stake… oh yeah, that was during the Spanish Inquisition. Now days, they would just abuse your son.

      • Not christians, you dimbulb, that's catholics!!

        • Not Catholics, you dimbulb, that's gay men pretendingto be Catholics!!

          • hahaha
            you Catholic pedophile

          • That's a oxymoron. If you're one, then you've failed at the other.

          • In general I agree with your point, but let's be careful not to equate "gay men" with pedophiles. It's just as wrong as the bigots above who are equating Catholics with pedophiles.

          • Good point. I should have said a non-representative subset of gay men

          • It's clear to me that it is wrong to conflate Catholics with pedophiles.

            On a related matter, would you say that the Catholic church has done an adequate job of dealing with the pedophiles that have ended up joining the church as priests, bishops and so on?

          • Your question as phrased makes no sense since (a) no one joins the Catholic Church as a priest or bishop, and (b) for those who do join the Catholic Church, one's sins are irrelevant. There is no minimum virtue requirement for joining (or staying in) the Church.

            So if I understand correctly, you meant to ask this:
            "Would you say the Catholic Church as done an adequate job of weeding out seminarians who tend toward pedophilia, and of dealing with priests/bishops who engage in it or cover it up?"

            Answers: definitely not, and I don't think so.

          • Answers: definitely not, and I don't think so.

            Very glad to hear those answers from you.

            Btw, thanks for rephrasing my question; you did an excellent job of restating it in a form that you were able to answer. And, as a bonus, your restated version stays true to my intent. Also, I actually wasn't surprised that you took issue with the formatting and/or syntax of my question – as I was clicking Submit I was thinking "I probably could have phrased that better for Gaunilon".

    • If a dozen Comedy Central employees were murdered because of this, would it have been a worthy sacrifice? Not so much!! I'd have made the same decision.

  3. “The two-parter, while funny, is another indication that they no longer have any frame of reference outside of their own show.”

    I’m sorry, but you missed the WHOLE point of the two-parter; it marked the 200th episode of South Park. A milestone in broadcasting for any show. The ENTIRE two-parter (not just the Mohammed parts) was full of self-references. That was the point. It was a kind of homage to the 200th episode milestone, a look back. Kind of the way other shows do a “clip show” at a milestone.

    I also don’t think you watch the show regularly, other than this headline-grabbing episode. They are never this self-referencing. Honestly, I thought the two-parter was SO self-referencing, it was obvious what they were doing.

    • And you seem to have skipped the beginning of the article.

  4. The Abrahamic religions all seem to be rather sensitive to criticism. I don't see this same tendency in the Dharmic religions.

    I have never heard of a Buddhist, Taoist, Jain or Confucian losing his/her cool over a joke aimed at their religion.

    I wonder why the West is so immature compared to our Eastern friends?

    • Since when is Islam "the West"??

      • Ever since it originated in a place to the West of the place where the Dharmic religions originated.

        Arabia is West of India, my friend.

        • Except you should know that the "West" has a meaning in common discourse, not a direction from your specific point of reference, India.

          My friend.

          • Alright then, tell me where the border between East and West is.

            If you mean the Eastern Hemisphere, then I guess all of Europe is in the East. If you mean Asia, then Russia is not a Western country, and neither is Australia.

            So, since you've decided to split hairs, show me exactly how they are to be split

      • it is not asian idiot every thing Asian, or Indian, is eastern

    • Umm I don't recall Christians burning and killing over juvenile things like cartoons. Only the Muslims behave like children.

      • and Mohamed was married to a 7 year old. Five year olds are marriage bait as well…….

      • No, they just protest outside the funerals of dead soliders

    • So Parshva and Mahavira were walking down the road one afternoon and Parshva says to Mahavira "Who was that thirthankar I saw you with last night?" to which Mahavira replies "That was no thirthankar, that was my Samavasharan!"

      [rimshot and uproarious yet somewhat nirjaric laughter]

  5. wat a lode of crap religion is ridiculous its always the same idiots that cant take a joke IF UR RELIGION IS SO GREAT N UR COUNTRY FUCK OFF BK THERE!!!!!!


  7. Any religion that promotes violence, condemns free thinkers, submits women is a disease and needs to be dealt with. There is nothing peaceful about the muslim faith. If there are free thinking peaceful muslims out there they are more scared of people of their own faith than anyone. You never hear about muslim clerics denouncing the crap that comes from Islam.
    This whole bit is about as amusing as Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi stating that women who immodestly dress cause earthquakes.
    Sounds a lot like the embarrassing past of the Christian faith. Wild assumptions and accusations in the name of a religion.
    Western society needs to wake up and realize that 1 billion people in this world believe in a religion that goes against every freedom that our grandparents fought for. Our society does not mix with this backwards thinking.

    A good way for North America to protest this crap is have everyone draw and depict Mohammed the way they want to and publish it. Lets have every newspaper in North America devote a page of Mohammed from every day people. He could be dancing with chickens, eating pork, flying a nuke, bombing all girls schools, riding a train without tracks, throwing acid at kids, piloting planes into buildings, well you get the picture.

    • Have you even read the Koran?
      You blame religion, I blame stupid people.

      • Yes..I have read it. I am surprised how stupid people need to be to believe that book even after reading it.

    • Embarrassing past of the Christian faith? Call me back when the Catholic church admits women clergy.

  8. "The two-parter, while funny, is another indication that they no longer have any frame of reference outside of their own show." What show are you watching? The whole show is a deconstruction of popular culture. Don't write about topics you know nothing aboot (sic).

  9. South park cowards

    • The South Park people are not the ones that censored it, it was Comedy Central. Do not call South Park cowards, they were doing the right thing.

  10. Watching that episode was painful, not least because the bleeps were so damn annoying. Matt and Trey were trying to make a point, one they've made before, and Comedy Central not only covers it up, but by doing so fail to learn from the very point Matt and Trey were trying to make!

    Here's hoping they can get the episode out, unedited. In both America and Canada, no one has a right to not be offended and Muslims are no exception – if anyone doesn't like what South Park puts on, they don't have to watch it, but that's all the say they get.

    • True – but what complaints came from Islamic extremist website, with threats to the safety of the writers. Salmon Rushdie is still hiding from extremists. These people are nuts – how many suicide bombings does it take to prove this? Why do they infest western countries if they can't tolerate the culture, lifestyle or humour? Why should anyone have to change their way of living to keep this group from pitching a hissy fit & blowing up innocent, defenseless people- no matter their age, gender, color or religious affiliation?
      Time for governments of western countries to take a closer look at who are being allowed into their country, & people to report illegals or suspected illegal immigrants in their neighbourhoods. About time for them to fit in with the ountry they move to – or leave if they don't want to.

  11. If they can show the Virgin Mary bleeding out of her ass….then I don't give a damn what they show Mohammed looking like or doing….tough shit Islam……so sorry we "offended" you….why don't you kill us all as retribution for an insult to someone you've NEVER EVEN SEEN…..or better yet…kill yourselves to please Mohammed….because I'm sure that's what he was all about…killing and killing until the end of time over trivial bullshit….idiots…..take some of the energy you put into all this bullshit, and try doing something nice for someone for a change…

  12. Piss on those who inhibit liberty and free speech. Piss to all the Abrahamic religions that are still in the dark ages!

  13. So all mention of Mohammed got censored, and then all criticism of Comedy Central for that decision also got censored?

    I'll assume the Comedy Central folks aren't devout Muslims, and I know from past experience that they have no problem ridiculing other religions, so I take it this is them knuckling under to the threat of violence.


    • "Pussies."

      Here here!

    • That's easy to say when you don't have to worry about the welfare of your staff and their families. There is a very real possibility that some lunatic religious fanatic may actually do something about their indignation. These people are crazy.

      • Agreed. Crazy , small minded, cowards who seem to not care who they hurt in their foolish pursuit of whatever it is they are trying to prove. Do they know why they are acting like lunatics? Who is going to really benefit from their crazy actions?
        Too bad they couldn't figure out that the Koran is a book of fairy tales, written to keep poor ,uneducated people from straying from the slavery of the ruling class- used to whip them into submission to keep the wealthy comfortable & well fed. Notice, the Imams rarely seem to be involved as suicide bombers…

        • Too bad they couldn't figure out that the Koran is a book of fairy tales, written to keep poor ,uneducated people from straying from the slavery of the ruling class…

          Welcome to the basis for religion.

          • Yes that's right, religious societies throughout history have generally been poor, uneducated and enslaved like ancient Greece and Middle Ages Europe, while non-religious societies have generally been rich, educated, and free like Soviet Russia and Communist China/Vietnam/Cambodia.

            Welcome to the basis for iconoclasm.

          • Ancient Greece did not have anything like the organized religion we have now. Nonetheless, the vast majority of peoples in the ancient Greek world was also as you said (sarcastically).

            Based on Thucydides, the Athenian citizens at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War were 40,000, making with their families a total of 140,000. The metics, i.e. those who did not have citizen rights and paid for the right to reside in Athens were 70,000 while slaves were estimated between 150,000 to 400,000.[4] Hence, approximately 6.5 to 11% of the population were adult male citizens, eligible to meet and vote in the Assembly and be elected to office. After the conquests of Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC the city's population began to decrease as Greeks migrated to the Hellenistic empires in the East.

            <a href="” target=”_blank”>

            Are you saying that people in Europe in the Middle Ages were not generally poor, uneducated and enslaved by the church? Talk about revisionism.

            As for the communist countries you mentioned, the fault is totalitarian governments, not atheism. Totalitarian governments oppress their citizens, its what they do. That's how totalitarianism works. It works the same way in Iran, Syria, Sudan, etc. where the governments are inherently totalitarian and religious. And, it worked the same way in Middle Ages Europe when Christian totalitarian governments ruled.

  14. stop you guys i'm going to cyr. SHOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. what's the big deal about showing mohammed – he's only a man anyways. maybe they should just do an episode showing allah instead- he could be taking a crap on the iranian president or something

  16. Comedy Central HAS issued a statement:

    "Comedy Central was responsible for the bleeps and not showing Mohammed in last night's episode," a spokesperson for the network told CNN.

    • I am 58 years old, an independent voter, and I like to think, fairly liberal. I personally starting to get very fed up with all this crap from the Muslim fanatics, but also with the whole concept of political correctness. People just get over it. Its not that big a deal. If someone makes a joke and you don't think its funny don't laugh.

  17. I wish he was depicted in a pig suit instead.

    • Amen!

  18. it is a comedy show and it should be treated as one, don't take it seriously

  19. Why is the religion of intolerance feared so much? I would have went further and had Mohamed hitting on the girls in Kyle's classroom. After all Mohamed did marry a 6 year old and made it "official" when she was 9. Islam is a curse on the world and it's apologists really need to pick up a book and learn a bit about the fastest growing, and most violent, religion in the world- (spare me the crusades crap that was 1,000 years ago and a response to the violent spread of islam). If most Muslims where white we'd treat Islam like some evil cult much like David Koresh's clan in Waco. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim-you either do as Mohamed did or you don't.

    • spare me the crusades crap that was 1,000 years ago and a response to the violent spread of islam

      Northern Ireland is both current, and in no way involving Islam. What's your excuse for that?

      There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim-you either do as Mohamed did or you don't.

      This is patently false. There are different sects in Islam, just as there are different sects in Christianity. Don't try to make it seem like Christianity is better than Islam. Both have their roots in the vile and disgusting teachings of the Biblical books. And, frankly, were Christianity used as the controlling force in a dictatorial nation (like Saudi Arabia or Iran), that version of Christianity would look exactly like the Islam in those countries.

      Religion poisons everything. It doesn't matter which one.

      • Where in my comment do I favor Christianity? Muslim apologists frequently refer to the crusades as an example of Christian violence as if it is on the same footing as radical Islamic violence which is BS. I assure you I'm not a religious person. The founder of Christianity is Jesus, the founder of Islam is Mohamed. If you cannot tell the difference in the messages these prophets delivered then you are completely clueless. Islam sects-you mean the ones killing each other when they aren't killing infidels? The Koran is very clear that every Muslim should model their lives after Mohamed-period. Sorry buddy Christians are a tame beast in comparison.

  20. The depictions of Jesus Christ on South Park were actually of the intentionally gross and vile variety (as many chic neveau depictions are – Jesus in Urine anyone?).

    Devout Christians feel hurt by this, but….turn the other cheek. The notion that such depictions would elicit violence or even death is laughable.

    That the diametric opposite is true of the depiction of Mohammad, says everything you need to know about the supposed "religion of peace."

        • And? My point was to refute the statement:

          Devout Christians feel hurt by this, but….turn the other cheek.

          Religion poisons everything. Christians are no better than Muslims. The only difference is that the cultures that believe in Christianity have (for the most part) embraced liberalism, and universal suffrage. Had this not been the case, we would be living in a world not dissimilar to what we see in 'less advanced' cultures.

          • Christians are no better than Muslims

            Sure not all muslims are terrorists but about 99% of terrorists today are muslim.

            They claim responsibility when they bomb innocents in westernized cities, like London, Spain and Bali x2 and not to forget America. They tell us so in beheading videos and in continued threats towards westernized countries.

            Then there's Beslin…yeah, sigh, who's 'god' was that done in? Again wasn't Christians that killed, terrorized and raped those children they held hostage for three days. The living hell they put those poor kids through.

            But hey, lets keep putting down those damn Christians, at least they can make it through a day without going ballistic about a comedy scene on tv or cartoons in newspapers; they must show remarkable restraint don't you think -given that they are all the same to you.. Just remarkable then that they're not mass murdering innocents world wide and terrorizing the rest because someone insulted their religious beliefs.

          • You've completely missed the point.

            Christians like to pretend that they're somehow better than Muslims. When, in reality, given the same or similar circumstances, Christians would behave exactly the same way. Look at Ireland for example. Catholics and Protestants shooting, bombing, and generally killing the crap out of each other, and the English for years.

  21. unless i am mistaken, it was santa claus in the bear costume. Mohammed was kept away from the crowd, hidden away in an alley or something

  22. fuck allah and fuck muslims as a matter a fact fuck all religions go to richard dawkins website that seems to make alot more sence then religion. again though esp fuck muslims they are the true fucking scum with christains jews and catholics following very close. a fatwa? on south parks creators? i wish i could go hunt one of these religous fundamentalists its a fucking show budda was sniffing coke, i dont hear anyone madd about that.

  23. It says in the Koran that the Prophet Mohammed is not to be shown in any shape or form.
    No you may have issues with why that is, but I always felt that this rule was set up to prevent worhsip of icons (which is a very good idea I believe).

    The real issue is with stupid people who take it too far.

    • well said,,,,,that is fair

  24. Religion is a cancer on our society. I wait for a day when people are forced to stand up for their own actions instead of using religion to excuse their condemnable behaviour.

    • I totally agree!!! Religion is for those who are weak!

      • This isn't what I said at all. I said that people use religion as an excuse to commit acts of evil instead of taking the responsibility on themselves. Its impossible to do something like throwing acid on someone's face unless you think that you are somehow justified.

    • The two regimes specifically set up as atheist societies, Soviet Russia and Mao's China killed a hundred million on the altar of their statist ideology and oppressed hundreds of millions more. Western atheists live in the most decent societies on earth founded by and running on the fumes of Christian morality. Like the rooster who thinks he makes the sun rise, a certain kind of atheist like Running Gag thinks that atheists can run a utopian society if only those "nasty" religious people didn't get in the way.

      On what grounds? Atheists have a very bad track record (you can't just dismiss totalitarian systems because that's what atheists have come up with so far). Go out and start a country that's purely atheist that works. Every last successful country defined as giving the most decent life for the largest number of its citizens has Euro-Christian roots. You can't just build your rickety atheist edifice on someone else's achievements and take credit for them.

  25. I would like to hear from moderate muslims here in Canada denouncing violence and terrorism, with no attached but. Are there moderates left? Serial mass killers (masked as martyrs) and violent muslims really are destroying their religion and the future of their young ones, yet they never seem to care.

    • Perhaps you never seem to listen. Have you ever met a Muslim in real life, or only through Mark Steyn's columns? This is about as fair as saying "I would like to hear from moderate Catholics here in Canada denouncing violence and terrorism, with no attached but. Are there any Catholics who don't touch little boys?"

  26. Having lived in Saudi and being a teacher, I was told by my students, most of them Whabi Islam followers, that Muhammad (PBUH) not being shown came out of the idea that he was not to be revered because he was a man and God's Prophet.

    There was never supposed to be violence against people who did show him, it was simply to remember that Muslims worship God and not a man.

    So Muslims who get upset when The Prophet (PBUH) is shown not only have missed the point, but are misrepresenting Islam.

    Isn't this the way with all extremists? Interpretation is everything.

    And having said that, Westerners are just as violent as Muslim extremists and our governments have become fundamentalist. The Americans have bombed other countries for alleged wrongs, incited wars and riots in other places, and reduced thier own citizens rights and freedoms in the name of security.

  27. Stop focusing on the Muslims, start focusing on the all the people who would reduce your rights and freedoms, send your sons and daughters to die in other countries to retain those citizens rights and freedoms, reduce your healthcare, endanger your educational system, give other country nationals in your country more rights, freedoms, and financial support than they give their own tax paying citizens and seniors.

    This includes fundamentalist from any religion, anyone in support of a dictatorship whether they be fascists or communists, lawyers, bankers, corporation heads or politicians.

  28. The reason why Islam is so out of place in our society and so combustible is really based on it's definition of what a human being is.
    The traditional western definition of a human being comes from the Bible. The Bible teaches that humans are created in the Image of God “…male and female create He in his image”. So an individual has an intrinsic value that is infinite. Western constitutions are based on the in alienable rights of the individual, which proceeds from this definition of what a human being is. Whether a person believes or not in the Bible, this has no effect on their intrinsic value. This is the basis of western freedom.
    Biblical Christianity forms the basis for western tolerance. Jesus never used force to convert. He also taught the separation of Church and State, "Render unto Ceaser that which is Ceasers and unto God that which is God's. “ So the individual is held captive to his own conscience and is not to be forced to adhere to a certain way of thinking. This allows freedom of speech and expression.
    On the other hand, Islam insists that humans are "not" created in the image of God. So humans don't have the intrinsic value we are used to. The value of a human being is defined by something external -the degree of their submission to Islam (Islam means submit). If you don't submit you are an infidel and basically don't have a right to life. The Koran commands, "kill the infidel where ever you may find him". Therefore, islam is totalitarian, and has no basis for tolerance of apposing ideas.
    To the Muslim, Muhammad the profit is a sacred idea and not to be meddled with.
    But Christianity states that people are sacred ( the image of God), and are not to be meddled with – hence our western freedoms.
    If we let Islam redefine what a human being is, western freedoms will vanish.

  29. Operative word "let" there. If you let anyone redefine who you are in any way, your freedom will vanish. That's up to you. Who is this we you speak of Kimo Sabi?????

    We get what we allow. If we continue to vote for people who disregard our country's rights and values, if we continue to allow the Catholic church to guard pedophiles for the sake of political correctness, if we continue to allow and let people in power in North America do as they will and say we can't do anything about it, someone will take advantage of the situation. Politicians and Extremists of every ilk count on us being sheople. So, don't let them. Step up.

  30. This is just a taste of what is coming if we don't put these Nut-bars in their place…which for me would be back in whatever hole they came from. We hung ourselves by letting so many of these people in here, and if we allow them to hold us hostage because they can't stand any slight on their belief's then we are in for some real trouble from these clowns!

  31. In a downtown toronto co op, government funded housing.. an ethiopian muslim has been allowed to make a hate speech about people with disabilities.. the only response made to complaints about this was that the Ethiopian Muslim majority on the Board of Directors made him the President.. Follow up complaints to ..The City Overseer.. the Ombudsman for Toronto and the Ontario Human Rights Commission have basically been ignored… The laws of this land are meaningless to these secular bigots. and it seems the cowards who are supposed to enforce them..

    • u make me lough…….why in world a muslim make hate speech about handicap ?

  32. The other sad thing in all this is that part II showed that mohammed was not even in the costume after all, therefore this wasn't a depiction of mohammed AT ALL!

  33. To all those whom speek badly of Islam based on ignorance, misinformation, and incorrect assumptions:

    I invite you to the following websites to learn the truth about Islam, and to provide you with better understanding. Our God is one God, (Allah) in Arabic, was present in the bible (Alah) (with one l) but have been removed, as shown in th following link.

    Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) that you speek of without knowledge can be found in the early scriptures. The chapter number and verses are provided for you to have a look at in the following link:
    Prophet Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them) in the Holy Quran and Previous Scriptures

  34. Oh those whacky terrorists!