‘You know the price for snitching’

Immigration Canada cannot claim to be unaware of the threats against Cindor Reeves


In the last three weeks, Cindor Reeves’ relatives in Liberia have been attacked by men looking for him and his wife. They abducted four children who are still missing. The following email is from his mother-in-law:

I don’t know if I will be alive before this message reach you. Last night some arm man came to my house,and toke my four ( 4) children away. They came and met some people in the house and wanted to know where C.R and […] are,when they could’nt get good result then they ask for me and make a statement  saying we will kill those ungratful people starting with that socall mother in law […] .Atthat moment, I wos able to recongnize the voice of one.This follow came to the house as asympthizer, He repeated we will kill them know matter what. By the grace of God I was able run through the bathroom window with alappl and a T shirt,Leaving my children behind dont know their where about now.If  Ishould survie  it will be by the grace of God.You people force me to come back to Liberia saying Liberia was save for me now see what is happening to me? now where will I run to or find my kids

This email is from Reeves’ niece:

Greetings in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ,sir, since i started communicating with u,it is an unaccountable threat in my life that put in great fear.i hardly sleep in my house,i am been in constant hiding and i don’t want to make any report for me not be in greater target and my location identified,as i go from friend to friend just to disguise my location,and i am really tired with this life,i may not know what will eventually happen to me in this time of running from one place to another,i am greatly depressed,i am always taking along my kid,i have kept this information from u for too long for u not to get worried but it is out my close relationship with u that i have found myself in critical and fearful condition,and to make matter worst people have known that u are in Canada,that activated the pressure in me and my kids life until then stay bless

Reeves himself has been threatened directly:

President Charles Taylor took you as his own son and look how you repay paid Him by betraying to the international community and helped Him to get him in jail? Cindor IM telling you as I told you two years ago we will kill you here in liberia so we are not going through the trouble of killing you in Canada Because we know that Canada will have you deported to Liberia. Canada, The USA. Germany, and the EU. all used you and look where you at now? Apparently the death of your two sisters didn’t Hurt you enough so your mother in Law […] will died in the coming time time. the same way you made us to suffer by conniving with the international community to take our father , Brothers Uncle president away from us you will feel the weight of death, You will die a very solw and painful death CR. if you go to the cops we will know and take action right away mother fucker.

The following four statements, both threatening and in support of Cindor Reeves, were posted on the Maclean’s online comment board. Their authorship cannot be verified.

“Cindor Reeves ,C.R. ,C.R. I adviced you not to cooperate with the International Community you didn’t listen,you coperated with them look where it got you ? Me i didnt so tell me whose better????? SNITCHHHHHHHHH you know the price for SNITCHING.”

“Cindor Reeves you will rot in Hell ,you will pay for wheat you did to Charles Taylor. Hurray CANADIAN REFUGEE BOARD HURRAY ,hurray Jason Kenney i’m moving in your constituency you can count my vote for you and thanks Steven Harper. C.R. all along you was the enemy?”

“I’m a Liberian living here in Canada and most times we attend Liberian parties we see a lot of Charles Taylor’s ex – REBELS living here in Toronto under false names i think they are smarter then Cindor Reeves because i still don’t know why he came to Canada with his real name when he could’ve gotten a Liberian or Burkina Faso passports with false names and just enter Canada after all he’s not a wanted man,we the Liberian living in Canada feel so sorry for Cindor Reeves because he helped a lot of we the Liberian Civilians during the WAR. No one can point and say that C.R. fought in any of the wars because not a day he held a gun.”

“Cindor Reeves was not one of Charles Taylor’s Fighters i’m a Liberian Living in Canada and we here knows that Mr. Reeves helped a lot of us when we were fleeing Liberia i think his only crime was being the Brother in Law of Mr. Taylor and most of us in Mr. Reeves position would never have done what he did to help the International Community to bring Taylor to Justice after they had spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars through Military means to get Taylor out of Power, I was in Liberia recently and came accross a group of Ex- Taylor’s Fighters that asked me about Mr. Cindor Reeves because they knew i was from Canada, Former Taylor’s General now Senator of Nimba County Aldolphus Dolo asked me personally if i knew where Mr. Reeves lives in Canada, all of Charles Taylor’s supporters knows that Mr. Reeves is the one that got Taylor in Prison and they will never forgive him. Mr. Reeves is doomed if Canada returns him to Liberia.”

Jason Kenney: should Reeves be deported to Liberia, as your department has recommended, and should he be murdered, as appears likely, you will not be able to claim you were unaware of the risks.


‘You know the price for snitching’

  1. Jesus wept.

    Paging Kenney and Harper….NOW

  2. Most of us really exist at the mercy of other people's formulations of what's important.

    June Jordan

  3. It will be interesting to see the findings of the trier-of-fact at whatever stage process Reeves' case is at (or at whatever level the findings become a matter of public record. By the time they would reach Federal Court,f or instance, the decision will go up on the website).

    I am interested to learn what the procedure is for a refugee claimant legitimately not entitled to enter the country due to committing crimes, but when a credible chance of harm in their home country is also found.

  4. Does Kenney actually understand that the ball is now clearly in his court? Does he get it?

  5. It seems to me that this case is an excellent opportunity for Kenney to pi$$ away all the good will he's earned from new immigrant communities in this country. And he seems to be trying to do just that.

    And on a similar note, why the hell haven't any of the opposition parties raised this case in parliament? Surely Michael Ignatieff, who's human rights street-cred is lauded far and wide would have something to say about this case!

    • Even more perhaps youngish Trudeau. I emailed him; nothing beyond a polite acknowledgement of consideration. I'm disappointed for sure. I expected better from him.

      • I'm impressed that he acknowledged at all. I sent an e-mail to my MP a couple months ago, it took 2 1/2 weeks just to get a response saying that the Minister responsible would address my concerns (which still hasn't happened).

        • I emailed my MP (Laurie Hawn, CPC) a couple of years ago with a few questions. No reply. A few weeks later I sent it again, no reply. A few weeks later I sent it again and cc'd PMO on it. Within two hours I got an email from his office saying that he was experiencing higher than normal volumes of emails and will respond to all email in their order in which they were recieved. Still waiting….

          • …he was experiencing higher than normal volumes of emails…

            Man o man, that's a classic, a beauty in fact….higher than normal volumes….where have I heard that before….hmm…..oh yeah, from any company that could hardly care less if they keep me as a customer or not. ;-)

      • At least you got an acknowledgement of your email. I'm more than disappointed, I'm getting kind of mad.

        • There. I sent a not-quite-so-friendly second request.

          • Man, second requests for a reply really work! I've been advised that there were "many letters and emails on this subject" and that Trudeau is working hard on the file.

          • Yea! Jenn! You did it. Good for you Justin! Now let's see some action.

      • TimesArrow….I know how you feel. I tried something similar in 2004. I sent an actual letter to three MP's; one Liberal, one Canadian Alliance, and one NDP'er.

        Here's what I got.

        Liberal response: Standard form letter that didn't address my concern, but did ask for a $100 donation, or whatever I could afford. This was to continue fighting the dark forces of the right.
        Canadian Alliance response: Got a letter back with written comments in pen by Stock Day. (he's the only one who answered)
        NDP'ers – No response.

        One wonders why we even bother on occassion.

        • I'm impressed Stockwell didn't use crayon…[just kidding]

    • "And on a similar note, why the hell haven't any of the opposition parties raised this case in parliament?"

      Excellent question. Earlier this week I emailed Kenney & then forwarded a copy of my email to Justin Trudeau, my (Liberal) Member of Parliament & Olivia Chow requesting that they raise the question in Parliament. Trudeau's office emailed back saying my email would be forwarded to him. No response from Olivia Chow or my MP to date.

  6. Mr. Petrou please be careful because i read somwhere that Douglas Farah of the Washington post was almost assasinated on orders from Charles Taylor because of his reporting about Cindor Reeves back in Africa, Douglas Farah and his Family had to be airlifted by the CIA back to the U.S. you can look for the story in the Washington Post achives. The death threats on the fellow is nothing to play with. We love your reporting so please be careful.

  7. This makes me really angry. These thugs are encouraged by the possibility that Reeves could be deported to Liberia. They see that as a sign that international determination to prosecute Taylor has weakened, and they are bolder as a result.

    Jason Kenney needs to act immediately to confer status on Reeves and demonstrate that Canada is fully behind the prosecution. With that, he needs to state clearly that any attempt to threaten, harm or intimidate Reeves in Canada is intolerable.

    Do you hear me Mr. Kenney? Sitting on your hands and waiting for some drawn out appeal so this will blow over politically is tantamount to helping the war criminals.

  8. What more can we do MP. I suspect that many of us have tried to contact Kenney,Trudeau or our MP. Is it counterproductive to start sending out really pissy ones?
    It's infuriating that when a real life or death case comes along no -one is able to find anyone in Ottawa willing to go out on a limb for this fellow.

    • TimesArrow, I suggest you preface your next letter thusly:

      Dear _________
      I have recently come into a large sum of money, but do not know which party to support. If you could please tell me your views on………..

      I'm sure you'll get a response.

      • A man could die from a surfeit of cynicism James. The more nobs like you pile it on, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'd suggest you'd be more usefully employed if you joined the 85% of Canadians who don't follow politics. If however you really do care[ which i think you do ] why not spent a minute or two contemplating what an attitude such as yours actually contributes to improving our politcs?

        • TImesArrow noted:
          "A man could die from a surfeit of cynicism James"

          Heheh…you haven't even seen me at my best.

        • More Times Arrow:
          "why not spent a minute or two contemplating what an attitude such as yours actually contributes to improving our politcs"

          Actually, if we had a higher calibre of people to run for politics it wouldn't really be an issue.

          • Perhaps it's the cynicism that helps to keep the higher calibre people away?

          • I think in most (not all) cases, we do have a high calibre of people running for office. They're either running with the wrong colours, or they get in and get "calibred-down" by the partisanship and cynicism. I am ever the ideallist, though.

  9. Mr. Petrou,

    You are either really being fooled by Mr. Cindor Reeves or you are part and parcel to his con game of trying to remain in Canada. I hope it is the former. These fake emails are an old trick by people trying to either gain political asylum or fighting deportation. Liberia is not in the stone age you can go to the websites of the the three major dailies The New Democrat, The Daily Observer and The Inquirer. You will not see any press reports of Mr. Reeves relatives being harrassed. Could Mr. Reeves show us a copy of a police report of this incident. He can’t cause it never happened.

  10. I'm sorry, but I've been to Liberia, and it truly is a Shi_thole.

  11. If it's that easy to provide evidence satisfactory to Mr. Petrou, he could qualify to be an immigration judge. What about Mr. Reeves past? Should we accept a Mafioso from Chicago because there's a contract out on him?

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