Your musical chairs sneak preview

Lisa Raitt will likely be one of the casualties of Stephen Harper’s cabinet shuffle today


If CP has it right, Lisa Raitt is now tracing Rona Ambrose’s career arc all the way to cabinet obscurity.

The biggest surprise may be that controversy-prone Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, once a rising star in the party who rocketed to cabinet within weeks of her first election win in October 2008, is getting demoted.

The high-profile Raitt ran into trouble last year when she was caught on tape criticizing some of her fellow ministers. Raitt will stay in the cabinet, but in the relatively obscure Labour post.

Canadian Press has Christian Paradis going to Natural Resources in Raitt’s place, Rona Ambrose going to Public Works to replace Paradis, Peter Van Loan replacing Stockwell Day at International Trade, Day replacing Vic Toews at Treasury, Toews replacing Van Loan at Public Safety and Jean-Pierre Blackburn going to Veterans Affairs to replace the retiring Greg Thompson.


Your musical chairs sneak preview

  1. Ms Helena Guergis and all her husband's baggage makes her a good candidate for dismissal from the Harper cabinet table. I'd give 'bad-ass' Shelly Glover Peter Van Loan's portfolio. She scares the hell out of me!

    • How so, RamaraMan? Her husband's baggage is her husband's, surely? Unless we are going to judge every MP/cabinet minister by what his/her spouse does/does not do.

      Having said that, I think the voters near your neck of the woods are crazy to vote in a candidate that they knew was going to move away the very next day. I mean, what does it say to a constituency when your own MP is miserable she had to stay in the district? At least from what I heard at the time, she was very much looking forward to moving to Alberta. I only assume they are living near Barrie now–she still could have moved for all I know.

  2. I see.

    So the essence of this shuffle is this — one buxom babe gets bounced, another one gets a bump.

    Harper's magical comms strategy at work!

    • Perhaps SH failed to notice the other boobs around the table.

  3. Oh, betcha Raitt cries! Please post the photo of her sobbing again, please. So sexy.

    Yeah, steve, put in Shelley Glover and Cheryl Gallant. And Maurice Vellacott.

    Still no Diane Ablonscy. She must hate him so!

  4. Live by the sword ………

  5. Deck chairs. Titanic.

  6. Sounds good to me.Are there any recent polls? I think Coderre should jump ship, he is working well in Quebec with the Conservatives.

  7. Couldn't happen to a nicer airhead.

  8. It's the "Curse of The Garth" coming true!

  9. The only shocking thing about this is that Raitt is still in the cabinet. The Conservatives really don't seem to have much in the way of good, strong cabinet ministers, with a couple of exceptions. And that's the way the Great Leader likes it. Unfortunately, Canada suffers as a result…

  10. Why is labour such a huge demotion from natural resources, especially in a time where high unemployment will make labour a reasonably important portfolio (we almost had an election over EI reform a few months ago)?

    • Cuz in tory-land, "Labour" is the domain of Finance, and Transport/Infrastructure.. as a result, there very few crumbs left over for the "Labour" Minister (a vestige of previous Liberal/Commie administrations, from their perspective).

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