Your next minister of finance


Celebrity contractor and owner of many sleeveless shirts, Mike Holmes, makes pitch for government tax credit and upstanding guys like him. To reinforce Holmes’ point, newspaper editors put headline “Go with the pro” above photo of Prime Minister famously struggling with a nail gun.


Your next minister of finance

  1. My apologies to the squeemish but here is what can happen when you hand a nail gun to an idiot.
    [youtube cQiRM94Ow1U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQiRM94Ow1U youtube]
    I do not think Mike Holmes (who often fails to wear appropriate safety wear on his show) and the PM (who also did not wear the required safety wear) should be flaunting their lack of professionalism/brains in the media. The PM might be excused… he clearly got bad advice, but Holmes should know better.

    • "who often fails to wear appropriate safety wear on his show'

      I lost 738% of my testosterone just reading that phrase. Man up, Stewie baby, you're far too shrill.

      • 738% that explains the high pitched voice

  2. Note to Iggy………..
    No hairnets.

  3. My opinion of Mike Holmes just dropped a few notches.

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