your tuesday morning brainteaser


What is Sarah Jessica Parker holding in her hands?

a) Complimentary dose of lethal poison distributed to all heterosexual men attending her new movie.

b) Don’t know, but the producer of The Price Is Right hasn’t seen presentation skills like this since Janice Pennigton walked through his office door in 1972 holding a canned ham!

c) Just showing off how big the free soap is in her fancy hotel.

d)  “It’s the antidote, Cattrall. The freaking antidote! Now take back what you said about me being a spotlight-hogging bitch and just maybe I’ll give you a sip.”

Actual answer: It’s a bottle of her new perfume, which is called Lovely.

Better answer: What she eats in a week.


your tuesday morning brainteaser

  1. The just found missed portion of her hair treatment, Roots and Locks

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