George Zimmerman wasn’t guilty, but others are

Barbara Amiel on Trayvon Martin and the black hole of hypocrisy

Zimmerman wasn’t guilty. Others are.

Damon Winter/The New York Times

“Them motherf–kers,” said the staggeringly beautiful African-American woman, a bit of Iman before David Bowie, circling the visitors’ waiting room of a Florida federal prison. “Them mothers kept me out again,” with which she hurled her locker key across the waiting room. I was 100 per cent on her side. The guards had taken against her and she was always pulled out of the line and told her hands were “dirty,” so no visit. Once she insisted that the duty officer test the accusing guards’ hands and they both tested “dirty” for drug use, too. “Money dirty,” she said, “touch it and ain’t no way to know where it’s been.”

African-Americans (and Hispanics) are prison inmates way out of proportion to their presence in the population. Most are in for non-violent drug crimes, serving lengthy and often no-parole sentences. I don’t know how much of it is racism but it is certainly class-and-caste. Blacks have a President in the White House and a black attorney general, not to mention congressmen, senators and even cabinet members, and it doesn’t help them a damn. Because these are largely upper-middle-class toffs with Ivy League degrees who don’t give a damn about their own black underclass. They remind me of 19th-century German Jews, assimilated into the best circles, deeply resenting the rag-and-bone Jewish refugees of Eastern Europe flooding into Berlin and embarrassing the hell out of them.

Prison-reform bills sit in committee with black congressional leaders like Chicago Congressman Danny Davis promising to push them through. Those bills were there in 2008 when I started my prison-visiting stint and haven’t passed yet. Attorney General Eric Holder got Congress to reduce the disparity between the weight of crack (favoured by blacks) and the weight of powder cocaine (the white preference) needed to trigger mandatory prison sentences from 100-to-one down to 18-to-one. Some equality, that.

This lumpen mass of Americans at the bottom of the ladder, largely black, living with inferior schools and functionally illiterate—like the touching 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel in the George Zimmerman trial—can’t levitate into a better life, especially with their males in jail. They are not more stupid, more genetically criminal than any other American group, but the country goes on pounding them into the ground with its useless war on drugs and smug indifference to their problems. No one bothers white, middle-class drug users—rather like Vietnam, when no one cared much about the nearly all-black draft until LBJ started hitting on middle-class whites. It’s a Marshall Plan for blacks that’s needed, rather than the billions spent on phony drug wars.

Every group has its own “It” handbag. In prison, a gold “grill” on your teeth trumped tattoos. (Even better, diamonds in that grill.) The first black my husband helped tutor to his high school leaving certificate told him that, when he got out of prison, the premier thing he would do was junk his grill. He wanted to put that life behind him. Now he could write correctly and read properly.

Every now and then, President Obama does a Rev. Al Sharpton number and jives up the mob in his own suave way—as when he assumed his specially grave voice to tell Americans pre-trial (!), “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.” I don’t know where Trayvon Martin was going in his life. He had been suspended from school and was drifting. There’s a photo said to be him, wearing a grill, but it could be play-acting. He was a very young man but not a “child,” as CNN kept saying, as if he were a seven-year-old with toy trains. It’s a terrible tragedy that he is dead, horrible, but justice would not have been served by any other verdict for George Zimmerman than “not guilty.”

The evidence was conclusive. Zimmerman was attacked and had the right to defend himself. Whether his following Martin led to the incident doesn’t matter legally. If a policeman shoots and misses a bank robber in the commission of the robbery and the robber is convinced the policeman is going to shoot again to kill him, he would have a legal right to defend himself. You have the legal right to protect yourself from grievous bodily harm. British case law also points out that the threatened may not be able to “weigh to a nicety.” That means that, in the two seconds before you think you may be pounded to a pulp, you can’t be expected to take everything into account.

This trial only happened because Martin was black and such luminaries as the Rev. Sharpton did their Bonfire of the Vanities thing and roiled the mobs. Zimmerman was handcuffed, taken away and questioned for five hours, followed by a police investigation that found—as the jury did 15 months later—there were no grounds to charge him. I love Anderson Cooper but he’s at his peak intelligence standing in a hurricane rather than analyzing a complicated area of the law. And it’s a curse disadvantaged blacks bear that their so-called leaders from the White House to the NAACP care only about self-aggrandizement and power rather than substantial action for this constituency. The journos go along, emotive and shrill, crocodile tears flowing, because by now, they get their info from Twitter, where complexity is reduced to 140 characters.

There’s a 2012 video on YouTube tagged 5723Michael, claiming to be an African-American at a Mississippi protest over Trayvon’s death. It’s strong stuff, 100 per cent proof. In this and other videos, he talks of the numerous black-on-black murders that get no protests, no NAACP, National Urban League, Sharpton or white TV liberals. “A black life,” he says, “only has value when it’s taken by a non-black. It is what it is.” A black hole of hypocrisy.

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George Zimmerman wasn’t guilty, but others are

  1. In the USA if you have a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW License) if confronted by a mugger, you must retreat at least a few feet, if you are still pursued and fear for your life, you may defend yourself. You are not entitled to run after a person to apprehend, have a fight and then shoot! The 911 operator told Zimmerman not to pursue and go to a spot and wait for Police, he did otherwise. I’m surprised these issues did not result in a conviction!

    • Trayvon attacked him first, it’s not illegal to follow people in the united states the last time I checked. Following someone doesn’t constitute a reason to initiate an attack.
      If I followed you during the night, does that give you the right to attack me? Trayvon picked the wrong fight. It happens.

      • If you follow me at night I will be very scared as I am sure Martin was. Were you there to say Trayvon attacked first, maybe he was defending himself. He had the same right to stand his ground as Zimmerman, who got away with murder because of the good defence team, well paid witnesses and white jurors. They all said it was not about race but defence removed two black jurors for a good reason, btw I am a white woman. Do not follow me at night I might hit you with my heavy flashlight.

        • If Trayvon just goes away and does not comfort Zimmerman no problem

          • If Zimmerman did not follow Trayvon the boy would still be alive. Can not imagine loosing a child because someone did not like how he or she looked or walked.

          • Sounds to me that Trayvon didn’t want to end it he started it and very sadly Zimmerman ended it.

          • Sounds to me like Zimmerman started and ended it.

          • Trayvon jumping Zimmerman started the fight

          • Or may be Trayvon thought Zimmerman was trying to kill him… wait he did kill him.

          • in an area where male prostitution is present, what is the kid to expect? the guy following him was looking for either trouble or sex? nobody knows who attacked first, or why

          • Zimmerman was the only one bruised and bloody.

          • Seriously.

            Bullet holes tend to make one leak some claret and dead trumps bruised every day.
            You truly are a heartless, scarey person.

          • Seriously you get out of the basement and live in the real world or are you too scared?

          • And you a pompous tool

          • I probably am guilty of being pompous and foolish. My attempts to engage you are probably an illustration of that.

            As for being scared, that’s really some mighty fine projection there from a person who feels it’s okay to shoot unarmed young men if they make you feel uncomfortable.

          • I don’t need to be engaged by one who is so sorely out of touch with reality

          • Weird sentence construction.
            Inability to argue coherently.
            Has a hard time understanding phrases like “beyond the pale”
            Visitor to many hard right intolerant sites…. hmm
            Are you related to Francien Verhoven?

          • Looky a little pompous,self-important twit is telling others what to read, what to do and how to manage their lives. Isn’t that what plantation owners used to do to African Americans.

          • So me criticising you for where you “choose” to get your talking points from is akin to the entire N American slave trade and the myriad horrors it inflicted on its victims then and today?
            Who’s pompous and self important now?
            I’m surprised that you didn’t work an equivalency to the Holocaust in there too just to amplify your martyr complex to full blown zealot level.
            PS you are related to Francien aren’t you?

          • Throw a few more personal insults how is your straw hat and mint julip Bossman. Guess you plantation bosses don’t think us women can have opinions we are such fragile little things.

          • you know making stuff up doesn’t help your position.

          • You know sitting in your basement by yourself and saying that people are making up stuff about working and living in the real world doesn’t help yours

          • Before you mentioned it.
            Where did I make any mention of women and their ability to have opinions?
            I didn’t.
            You invented that for some reason.
            Your inability to converse in an honest and coherent fashion makes any attempt to reason with you very difficult.

          • Lecturing and doubting every word is not conserving its being a pompous nobody

          • I have to ask about everything you type it’s mostly incoherent and meaningless

          • As opposed to pompous,sexist,judgemental and unemployable which defines your type Windbag!

          • This appears to be some kind of touring test using a slightly misprogrammed computer with a limited vocabulary and no idea how to converse with an actual human.
            As you are perfectly capable of arguing with yourself and losing, there is no need for me to assist further in this outreach to what can only be described as a sad experiment in your need for interaction and projection of your best qualities onto others.
            Off to work now.

          • Sorry but I don’t speak ” I’m Pompous I’m 40 and Live with My Mother Troll.” now start job cutting mommy’s lawn and she might buy you an ice cap.

          • Sounds like your entire basement dwelling life incoherent and meaningless

          • Insulting the opposite side of any argument shows a lack of both education and empathy. Why do you assume every white person on the planet was a descendent of plantation owners? Statements like yours just emphasize your complete lack of respect for people in general and your own sub-race as well. And you wonder why the Zimmerman team won?

          • we don’t know that. we just saw the pictures the press showed. Martin could well have had bruises and cuts, but the press didn’t show pictures of the body

          • Bruised nose is not a licence to kill.

          • zimmerman getting out of the car with a weapon started the fight

      • Itt was reported that Zim was told not to get out of his car and to stand down. Instead he left his car, gun in hand to ‘follow Martin. The act of leaving his car showed intent but the jurors were told to disregard because intent could not be proven. This now means that someone can stalk another person while armed and if the person being stalked questions it, the stalker can then claim self-defense while shooting him. . Strange country.

        • GZ was not ordered to stay in his car. He was not still in his car when the dispatcher told him “you do not need to do that.” The dispatcher testified that they do not give orders.

          GZ was keeping an eye on a suspicious character in his townhouse complex, not stalking.

          The evidence is consistent with TM approaching GZ and sucker-punching him, etc. The jury accepted this. TM’s friend Jeantel speculated that TM probably initiated he confrontation and attacked GZ because he thought he was gay and TM wanted to administer some “whupass” on a “creepy ass cracker”.

          GZ’s gun was never out while he watching TM. The gun only came into play when TM was on top of GZ beating him, and GZ’s clothing was pulled up revealing the gun. According to GZ, TM tried to get the gun, but GZ managed to get to it first.

          • Sorry Dan, He was told not to follow this boy and let the police do their job, this from a recording that was first published immediately after the event. From that moment on he was stalking the young man. He left his car armed while the boy has no weapon. As for the attack no one witnessed it and it is simply his word against that of ….a dead boy. As for the voice of a screaming person on the phone and the testimony of the young girl who was listening, this was countered by the testimony of Zim’s father. And indeed a reconstructed video that was passed off as a true description of the events was a total fabrication because there was never a video of the event. And now if you get out of your car armed and confront someone who then fights back, you can legally shoot him and claim self defense. It is totally ludicrous that someone in Florida can stalk and kill a young boy and then claim self defense and I can’t see how it can be seen differently. Zim left his car un- armed after being told not to do it by the police. Check out how ludicrous the law is in Florida. Two FPL workers arrived at a home to disconnect the power of an owner who had not paid his electric bill for over a year and who had been forewarned that these workers were there to disconnect his power were shot and killed and got off on the stand your ground law. Florida is an open killing state.

          • So, when TM was on top of GZ, GZ told TM about his hidden gun and helpless GZ was able get it first and shoot TM straight to the heart. Sounds like BS.

      • Bullshit. I’m 42, white & big. If someone starts following me, I’m going to confront them, which is exactly what Zimmerman wanted. He wanted the confrontation so he could play the tough guy, and now a boy is dead. Zimmerman should have minded his own goddamned business.

        • perfectly said.

    • In the USA, laws vary by state, so you can’t really make a statement about what you must do in the USA, you have to say what you must do in each of the 50 states on an individual basis. Florida has a stand your ground law, that point of the law is to remove the duty to retreat when attacked.

      • A few year agos in my city a huge 6-6 350 lb bully started a fight with a much smaller man. He was pounding on the smaller man when the smaller picked up a golf club and fractured his skill thus killing him; he only got a suspended sentence. Think Trayvon was a wannabe gangsta who thought Zimmerman would be an easy mark; that bad decision cost him his life.

        • Nice story there, but do you actually have anything of fact to back it up? If it’s just your thoughts and prejudices showing through that isn’t evidence.

          Zimmerman and the State of Florida has just let the Genie out of the bottle. Anyone being approached at night by anyone else now has the right to feel threatened and stand their ground. Anyone who sees Zimmerman coming towards them in the future now has real reason to fear for their lives; he has shown he is willing to stalk and kill an unarmed person. hey could quite justifiably stand their ground and shoot him.
          Bad laws create bad communities.

          • Nice jealousy some of us have actually got out of the basement in the last 20 years

          • What does that even mean and how is it relevant to my comment?

          • That you question everything that doesn’t fit in your little narrative and deluded reality

          • I didn’t ask a question.

            I stated an opinion.
            Seriously if you are going to engage in a conversation you should really try and focus on what’s said.

          • I’m with harebell on this one.

            Your comments are pretty off base, Doreen. You may also want to try using some punctuation because your sentences don’t make any sense (not that the use of a comma or semicolon would make your opinions any more relevant)

          • Why is defending yourself from being killed by all means necessary not relevant.. I am not happy that a 17 year old was killed but Martin made a bad decision. You guys are so much in your little progressive talking point cocoons that your knowledge of real world situations is laughable.

          • Given mine and oldyeller’s tilts in the past, I’m not sure you can say that. He’s in no progressive cocoon, he just notices when someone is so far over the horizon that they are irredeemably past saving.
            You are beyond the pale in your desire to see young black men slaughtered for your obvious political pleasure.

          • Blacks murders blacks 93% of the time are they pale in their desire for their political pleasure you are simply over the moon, Who is this Francien another woman who has an opinion.

          • Your desire to think that anyone who disagrees with a decision in a Florida court is a racist is pathetic. Bill Cosby agree with the decision who would have thought ” Cliff Huxable” wanted members of his race dead.

          • As you clearly can’t understand the written word I give up.

          • Run back in your basement Coward you can’t face me you can’t face the real world.

          • What’s there to face Francien, I can’t understand what you are saying.

          • look at the size of zimmerman, who took MMA lessons

          • I think you’re the one with the “little narrative and deluded reality”

          • Stand your ground does not apply. It was never part of the case. With TM on top of him, beating him and reaching for the gun, GZ was in no position to retreat, and feared for his life.

          • Part of the instructions to the jury included the SYG provisions, so while it wasn’t part of the prosecution it was part of the deliberating phase.
            If GZ had listened to the advice of the operator, TM might not have felt threatened enough to react the way he did. But being armed and trying to prove a point GM felt full of bravado and thought he knew best. He didn’t.

          • oh shit why didn’t u come forth as a witness?

          • or he hit him in reply to the gun and this psycho following him

        • hold on. ur comparing the huge bully to TM? Who’s the sexual molester (his cousin reported it), who has also been charged with assault, racist (his mother’s influence), wannabe cop, who went all vigilante when told not to and followed a young boy with a gun? And you call TM the bully?

      • But why would Trayvon not be justified in standing his ground and punch a guy out when confronted by someone he felt was stalking him? Oh yeah, because he was a black male teenager–wearing a hoodie too!!! (gasp, shock, tremble with fear before the garment)–in America, that’s why not.

        Do you think Trayvon would have walked if HE had been legally carrying a gun, stood his ground, and shot his stalker? I don’t think so.

    • Martin had a bag containing jewelry and a large screwdriver in his possession at the time of his demise, not an innocent teen by any stretch.

      Whichever leftwingnut you are, you fool nobody by using my handle.

      • About 35 years ago my boyfriend was working as a security guard in a parkcade. He asked a street thug to leave was jumped and was being choked out. He reached on his belt ,grapped his long flashlight and cracked the thug on the forearm. I am thinking that Zimmerman confronted Martin and Martin who had a history of talking about gay bashing thought he had an easy mark in the smaller Zimmerman. Bad choice for Trayvon; sometimes bad choices have deadly consequences.

        • 1st part – so?

          2nd part – no.

          • 1st part- Self-defence is justified
            2nd part- Truth hurts

          • Truth isn’t what you say it is.
            When you say “I am thinking” and you have nothing more than opinion that means you are inventing stuff.

          • I am thinking some people have lives and you don’t.

          • you may indeed have a life but you don’t have a coherent argument.

          • Argument is if you jump people there may be a consequence to pay. No more ,no less.

          • That’s not an argument that’s a statement.
            Another statement is, that from now on if anyone follows you down the street shoot them before they possibly shoot you. That is not a great way to operate in a society.

          • Or use common sense don’t engage them and walk away

          • just like Zimmerman did hey?

          • If some thug was banging my head on the pavement trying to kill me and I had a gun I would have used it and so would you

          • 1: you only have Zimmerman’s word for that
            2: if the cops had advised me not to stalk him, I might have listened to them.
            3: I don’t assume every young black guy is a gangster out to hurt me.
            4: I’m not a frightened American scared of my own shadow.
            5: You don’t know me, so don’t project your racist nastiness onto me.
            6: I’ve never been screwed over, assaulted, ripped off or treated like crap by a black guy, but all those things have been done to me by white guys. I have more reason to worry about the actions and motives of white men than any other person on this earth.

          • WRONG! You are totally disregarding the pictures of a bloodied Zimmerman or in your mind did he beat up himself?. Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby agreed with the verdict so in your deluded reality they must have racist nastiness too?

          • And you are disregarding a dead and bloody, unarmed young person. But that doesn’t surprise me as you are clearly not all there.
            It’s odd how the only time petty racists like you listen to those of a darker hue is when they support your bitter hatred. But I guess that’s par for the course as someone who is at home at Blazing Cat Fur.

          • And you are a pompous hypocrite. I was beaten by a Native man but do not hate all natives my boyfriend was stabbed by a Latino but he does not hate all Latinos. He was also married to a Native woman whose hue is likely darker than yours. Sit back in your apartment away from the real world and judge white people, think that all black people are perfect and judge those who read Blazing Cat Fur or any other publication you don’t approve of. We do know who the real bigot is don’t we.

          • I don’t think any of the various racial groupings are perfect. Each on of them has great people and complete dicks in their ranks.

            As for BCF and their readers…. heh; you don’t seriously expect me to think highly of you given the level of intolerance, hatred and bigotry exhibited on that site.
            If being an opponent of bigotry makes me a bigot of sorts then guilty as charged.

          • You create bigoty FAKE

          • 2 questions
            1: What does that even mean?

            2: Do you read comments before you post? It might help with your sentence construction if you did.

          • I’m behind you 100% harebell.

          • Doing what?

          • Your mom. Do you have a problem with that? ;)

          • My mother has been dead since 2010 your brain has been dead longer. Nice cheap insult Woman Hater

          • Actually, I had all A’s in school so I don’t believe my brain is dead. And honestly, that’s the first thing people always say when someone comes out with a “your mom” joke. So as for you calling me a “Woman Hater,” I’d like to let you know I have a loving girlfriend and beautiful daughter. If I were a “Woman Hater” I don’t think I’d be where I am today. :)

          • Actually you are likely a Teenie Weenie who likely acts like ” Mr.Macho” on the internet and gets pu–y whipped 24-7-365

          • If by “Teenie Weenie” you mean 23, well educated, steady job plus money in the bank, then yes I am. Before you go around and act childish, you should try and get your facts straight. And on a side note, the only pu–y that gets whipped in this house would be my girlfriends. Now, are you done?

          • If you were making all that money you would be out working not sitting on the internet bragging about it.

          • As far as I can tell, I haven’t even scratched the surface of bragging. You’re the one coming up with childish names and trying to piss people off, bragging about Zimmerman being found not guilty. I, on the other hand, am voicing my opinion. If you want to continue this, I’d be glad to call you. Have a nice day :)

          • That is because bragging is the only thing you do working not so much

          • She has been here for days, telling weird stories and insulting people. Ignore her comments.

          • Insulting couch dwellers who have no lives themselves.Ratty slipper fit?

          • Can see why people keep attacking you, your boyfriend and just about anybody else you know.

          • Just the unemployable trolls on the internet

          • whos acting macho?

          • I think I know who the real bigot is.

          • Oh sorry Awwwwwwwwww!

          • You don’t do yourself any favours when you respond like a child.

          • I know this is not true because you don’t have a boyfriend.

          • You don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground

          • Maybe, maybe not, but that doesn’t have a thing to do with why you are unloved.

          • Maybe, maybe not. What does that have to do with your unlovability?

          • It’s odd that those who label a person by what they read or how they vote are usually the loudest screaming about racism.

          • Doreen, I’ve read almost all your comments and you’re no different than dirt I walk on every day. You’re stuck behind the illusion that the U.S. is the perfect place to be. How about you stop being a white supremacist and start being a normal person. I’m far from normal, but even a 3 year old can tell you’re an idiot.

          • Who are you to judge what it and isn’t dirt?

          • Well for one, you should return to school and learn correct grammar. Two, you proved my point that you are a white supremacist due to the fact that you didn’t defend yourself. And three, I could say the same to you. What gives you any right to judge Martin when you yourself have no idea what happened there other than what the media is shoving in your face. You need to stop being naive and thinking your always right.

          • And you have proved you are a pompous ass who can’t stand the fact that a woman can have an opinion.

          • Yea I am an asshole, but at least I can admit it rather than try and get back at the opposing party. And I never said you couldn’t have an opinion.

          • Agree. Especially if the thug noticed the gun in your waistband and was reaching for it.

          • exactly why GZ deserved to be beaten

      • Actually, the jewelry and burglary tools were found in TM’s possession by the Miami schools police a couple of months previous to the fatal confrontation.

  2. “The evidence was conclusive. Zimmerman was attacked and had the right to defend himself.”

    The evidence was inconclusive. That’s what leads to reasonable doubt. Mr Zimmerman was found “not guilty”. Nothing more.

    Shoddy piece of work, this. Demand better, Macleans.

    • Shoddy work to allow this silliness into court

      • See, what you did there was reply to my comment, without actually having a point that relates to the comment you replied to. You should seek work with Barbara Amiel. You’re a natural..

        • You should seek any type of work

          • What’s amazing is that i get paid an enormous salary. In communications. And all you can do is try (and now very well) to insult me.

          • Yeah right,LOL! Why are all internert trolls millionaires?

          • Not a millionaire at all. Not even the top 10%. And clearly, you’ve lost the argument. Have a lovely day.

          • So you’re a poor troll

      • Wow… “this silliness”? Someone died for chrissake. If that’s what you consider silly, Dorreen, then you better check yourself.

        • And if Zimmerman was black and murdered another black no one would have cared much more “silly.”

          • And if Trayvon Martin had been white, I suspect there would have been a different outcome to the trial.

  3. “The evidence was conclusive. Zimmerman was attacked and had the right to defend himself.”

    Excuse me? The evidence is not conclusive in this respect. According to Zimmerman, he was “attacked,” but Trayvon Martin wasn’t here to tell his side of the story and there were no eyewitnesses to the incident. Better watch your words, Ms. Amiel. This is poor journalism and I’m embarrassed for Macleans for publishing it.

    • The evidence before the court was pretty conclusive. The jury accepted Zimmerman’s evidence and agreed that Trayvon Martin attacked him. Trayvon’s friend Jeantel, who was speaking with him by cellphone immediately prior to the incident, has said that she thinks Trayvon probably initiated the attack because he thought Zimmerman was gay and he wanted to administer some “whup-ass.” There also is plenty of information that Trayvon was into weapons and fighting, and even was part of a “fight club”.

      • The evidence before the court was pretty conclusive…Trayvon’s friend has said that she thinks…There also is plenty of “information”

        jeez, dude. just no. the jury was free to accept Zimmerman;s testimony, but no way it was this the obvious result. in fact, it kinda raises the conclusion that Z got a level of benefit of the doubt a lot of other people would not have.

        • You are full of bovine scatter.

          • use a dictionary, online or otherwise, to learn what the word conclusive means. You don’t even need a specialized legal dictionary.

  4. These were two flawed individuals who were literally made for each other. Martin, a young black man with issues he was trying to deal with. Zimmerman, a young would be vigilante style block watch volunteer. A veritable train wreck waiting to happen. Zimmerman told by 911 to stand down and wait for the police. Martin told by his girl friend not to confront the person who was following him. Both chose to ignore the advice. One paid the price.

      • Without going to your link, please tell us how Zimmerman ended up underneath Martin if he merely “watched” as you say. Did he defy the laws of physics?

        • Simple. Martin saw Zimmerman watching him, and came back towards Zimmerman, confrontred him and sucker punched him.

          There was nothing wrong with a concerned resident watching and even following a suspicious character. As in: I think this guy is up to no good. I’m going to keep an eye on him. Follow at a distance.

          (Is that a provocation that justifies assault, if the person being watched is a black kid who is a wannabe thug?)

          Martin’s friend Jeantel has said she believes Martin initiatied the attack, in order to deliver “whup ass” to a suspected gay guy.

          • Against the order not to engage the alleged suspect, Zimmerman, who had a previous history of calling in complaints about certain types of suspicious looking individuals in the gated community, got out of his vehicle. He followed Martin. A scuffle ensued. He did not ‘stand his ground’, as he claimed. He was an accessory to the act.

          • Wrong on two counts: There was no order not to engage and he did not engage the suspect. The dispatcher explained at the trial that they do not give orders, and he did not order Zimmerman not to engage. And Zimmerman did not approach Martin. It was Matin who came back and confronted him.

            Stand your ground had nothing to do with the case. Nothing. When Zimmerman used lethal force he had no choice to do anything other that “stand his ground”. His head was being pounded against concrete and then his assailant who had him pinned down was reaching for his gun. The jury acccepted that he was in fear for his life.

            Stand your ground would apply in certain circumstances – such as in his home – if he were under attack and had the option of getting away; it would permit him to use lethal force in particular circumstances even though he could get away. The jury accepted the extensive evidence to the effect that Martin was on top of him beating the bejeesus out of him, and also accepted that Martin was reaching for Zimmerman’s gun.


          • Again, you and others are taking the false belief that Zimmerman was “ordered” not to follow, and spinning that into the conclusion that somehow Zimmerman provoked the assault by Martin. There is nothing to suggest that Zimmerman was running after him or following him really closely. All we know for sure is that Zimmerman was keeping an eye on Martin who was wandering in the rain at night and provoked his suspicion, and Martin noticed that he was doing so.

            Martin’s friend Jeantel has suggested a plausible scenario – that Martin, who was a fighting nut, decided to beat Zimmerman and did do so, believing he was gay and wanting to administer some “whup ass.” . After all, Jeantel was talking on the phone with Martin about Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker” prior to the fatal encounter, itself a racist term of derision.

          • Duh.

            If Zimmerman, who was a known racial profiler, ‘These assholes always get away’ ( To police dispatch ) had not gotten out of his vehicle and ‘followed’ Martin, who he said was ‘acting suspiciously,’ ( on his way home from the convenience store ) this whole tragic affair would not have happened. It was Zimmerman’s actions which started the whole thing moving, not the young black man who had just purchased some iced tea and Skittles. Zimmerman was the one carrying a weapon. Not Martin. Martin had not robbed the store. He wasn’t armed. He hadn’t threatened anyone in the community. Zimmerman saw a young black man wearing a hoodie, an act which he took as an immediate threat to him and every other non black in the neighbourhood. George Zimmerman was the perpetrator, and the lawyers for Trayvon’s parents will point that out in any civil action which they may bring forward. George Zimmerman is a classic gun toting vigilante style idiot. We all need to be very afraid of people like him.

          • Actually, if you listen to the court room testimony of the 911 call available on CNN, you will hear that Zimmerman who was Hispanic, did not mention Martin’s race to the 911 caller. He said Martin was a young guy (6 foot tall) with a white hoodie (head covered). When the 911 operator asked what race Martin was, “caucasion, black, hispanic”, Zimmerman said “I think he is black”. He didn’t seem sure so your racial profiling argument is not really believable and probably wasn’t to the jury. Martin, however, was mistaken in what Zimmerman”s race was. He told his friend Rachael that “some creepy dumb-ass cracker” was following him. He didn’t realize Zimmerman wasn’t white but Hispanic.

          • This link only proves that Martin was running away and George Zimmerman got out of the car and followed him and was told not to by police operator. How do you know Trayvon Martin came back? Did he tell you that? “Stand your ground” has everything to do with this case, judge instructed jurors about this law. Black woman who is serving 20 yr. for firing a warning shot was denied using “Stand your ground” BECAUSE she was inside her house and had a duty to retreat according to court documents. Zimmerman had two small wounds on the back of his head and his gun was hidden. The jurors were as blind as you are or may be biased is the word I am looking for. Trayvon Martin had every right to defend himself from a creepy guy following him.

          • the black woman left her house, got a gun, returned to her house and then fired it to scare away the other person.

          • She did not leave house, she ran to the garage. Guy beat her up before and she had a restraining order against him.

          • Also Trayvon martin spent 4 minutes waiting before circling around to attack Zimmerman. Martin lived less than 4 minutes walking from the altercation.

          • When you are being followed you do not know if you will be able to get home.

          • Stand your ground did have something to do with the verdict though. It was used in the instructions to the jury.

            You are playing semantic in your many replies.

            The operator didn’t order him to not follow but they did say, “OK, we don’t need you to do that.” The same right wing extremist link you provided also shows that Zimerman had already convicted the young man in his own mind “F**king Punks.”

            Zimmerman was not entering the engagement as an observer but as someone who had been told his actions were unnecessary and with a hate on for this person.

          • WHY WAS ZIMMREMAN CARRYING A GUN on a Citizen Patrol ? even if he was licensed to do so. on CP its a lethal Weapon in the hands of a non confrontational duty. HE was or should have been trained to STAND DOWN and only Observe and not be a self appointed JUDGE.

          • But then I am a Canadian AND not Gun Crazed as some paranoid US citizens

          • I Was our volunteer Communications Officer for the local CP Group I know How this is done its the same. we have lots of Gun crime as well. In fact most of it is gun related, just less crime. Fewer guns to be scared of

          • Peter, everyone in the US is carrying a gun.

          • Question
            How can you sucker punch someone who is looking at you and after you confront him?

          • Harebell, you turn unexpectedly and run at someone. You can catch them unaware and get a good few shots in with the act of surprise on your side.

          • Indeed, but if you are following someone you suspect of doing no good and have already been advised by the operator not to follow I would assume that you might be expecting something. To assume that someone you’ve already tagged as a threat will not behave in a threatening manner seems counter intuitive to me.

          • perfect

          • IF I was followed and asked why and I got a Bad ass Answer I would probably said think again Bud and walked on but I am not angered by such action quickly . . A fist in the face is still not reason for excessive force. If you cant restrain the person then let it go let police deal with it as an Assault charge. Martin must have been provoked by Zimmerman to react. Verbal offense is still no excuse.

          • ‘if that person is a black kid who…” well there you have it

      • “Are you following him?”- operator. “Yeah”- Zimmerman. “We don’t need you to do that”- operator. Are we looking at the same link?

    • Block Watch appointees Even Police sanctioned Citizen Patrol’s ARE to OBSERVE and REPORT TO 911 or central Citizen patrol Dispatch. Confrontation was not allowed and you were removed if you so much as spoke to a person of question For the Patrol safety and the Victim or suspect concerned/ Only if safe to help a victim were you allowed to intervene. but never confront a suspect or divulge your status as A CP volunteer. in the presence of a suspect you just happened to have a radio many hams carry 2 meter hand held radios .
      Zimmerman initiated the attack. NO way should he have done this. Only an police officer can do more than observe .
      That’s the universal law When on C.P. Many communities run programs on weekends in high crime zones or target zones. that are current hot spots .

  5. Your last paragraph is the best part of this column. It’s dead on.

    Unsaid here is absolute corruption of the media in dealing with this case. I know many here aren’t fans of breitbart’s site, but this (warning, autoplay video near the bottom you can pause) is a truly staggering indictment of the media’s role in the profiling of George Zimmerman as a racial predator.

  6. Good to read a rational and more logical perspective on the Zimmerman case. The mainstream media has really spun this story out of control, with the likes of CNN’s Piers Morgan painting Zimmerman as an armed vigilante racist who stalked a helpless black child. This was a tragic incident involving two individuals who both made serious errors in judgment. This case was not about race but about a confrontation which unfortunately led to the death of a young man, Travyon Martin. The lesson to be drawn from this case is to avoid confrontations when at all possible, especially given the fact that many Americans do carry guns (and are legally entitled to do so). and to proceed with caution. If this had happened in Canada, Travyon probably would still be alive today, although Zimmerman’s injuries would have likely been even more severe. Pundits and race profiteers (Sharpton, Jackson et al.) have tried to spin this case to fit their old narrative of an American criminal justice system which racially profiles and unjustly incarcerates thousands of young African-American men each year. Of course, what’s missing here is that most Black men accused of crimes have committed them in overwhelming numbers against their fellow Blacks in inner city Chicago, Oakland, and Detroit. If Zimmerman had been Black this case would not have been brought before the court and we would not be discussing what is, in many respects, a rather simple, tragic, and all too common case of a misunderstanding which resulted in someone losing his life. This is not a civil rights trial!!!

    • I AGRE IN principal but not in practice We will never learn this “F” up lesson until we have erased this discriminatory issue from both sides. Whites seeing blacks as thugs and Blacks seeing Whites as White Niggers and the Oppressor . Its the same between all races . Given an UP step on the social ladder and they say your a peasant your not Labeled as “FIRST” in our rankings of people. each is a person of Equal value in society . Until that later concept is VIRAL thru 6 Billion people the works has the thugs and Angelic ones Islamic people are now the “Pee On’s” only the radicals deserve that. not all only the radical of any culture deserve that place in life. We all must learn to become understanding. the shame is Perhaps we have created a more violent society of one by this very process of put downs. (spelling) process. only in a perfect world is this going to be . and when we learn to believe God is Dead and cannot help us we make our own mistakes and must resolve them no one else can. I may sound out of place but I do recognize the problem PEOPLE

      • Isn’t Zimmerman Hispanic?

    • Now that Zimmerman helped some people in a car wreck, CNN is calling him Hispanic. I don’t understand this. How can they make an altercation between two people of minority races seem like it is between a white and a minority.

  7. Barbara Amiel, just like non black jurors in the case, has trouble seeing Martin Trayvon as a victim. Instead it is a nice, law abiding armed George Zimmerman, except for that little thing like not following neighbourhood watch rules and police recommendations. And what it has to do with black-on-black murders? It is about a guy who got away with the murder. It is wrong, there is no black or white here. Very one sided article, I felt like listening to Zimmerman’s defence team again. Very patronizing towards Rachel Jeantel, could she possibly be “Juror B37”.

  8. One more gun, one more dead.

  9. Rich people have no incentive to care about poor people, regardless of anyone’s race. Affirmative action has never made sense for exactly that reason: the issue is lack of opportunity for the lower classes, and class has no race.

    • re: class has no race. oh yes it does

  10. That’s the longest I’ve ever made it through any article by Lady Crossharbour while managing to agree with her. 5 paragraphs. That’s 4 1/2 more than usual. Accusing president Obama of “jiving up the mob” restored things to their natural state. Even when she manages to make a coherent point (paragraphs 1-5), she can’t help from being herself, to the detriment of us all. The continued existence of Sue-Ann Levy is the only thing that prevents her from being the actual worst journalist in the country.

    • if you agree with her
      enough said

  11. the sad facts are that he was found guilty simply because there was not enough evidence to prove either guilt or innocence. he will screw up again, guys like that always do. lets hope he doesn’t kill the next person he encounters

    • good point

  12. If people migrating to america from Africa are termed as African americans and from asia as asian americans, why not call people migrating from Europe as European Americans.The sense of belonging must be defined correctly first.

  13. Racial prejudice, bigotry, and bias know no boundaries. While waiting in a long line-up at a supermarket in Calgary for a man of Middle Eastern descent to try and negotiate the payment in his faltering grasp of English, I heard the comment, “God damn wop,” come from the back of the line. I turned around to see that a Japanese man had uttered the ignorant remark.. it’s a good thing he wasn’t packing a Glock or Colt 45, because with an attitude like that it’d be just a matter of time before he felt justified to use it.

    • Of course bigotry exists. Even political and geographical bigotry exists within Canada. I have heard that some of the worst exists among minorities. In the US, everyone is packing a gun and it has made people increasing paranoid. They want to make sure they shoot first and that they have the biggest pistol.

    • i agree that if everyone had a gun it’d be bad… btw i don’t even know what a wop is

  14. That’s a lot of work to justify a racist vigil anti, chasing down and murdering a kid.

  15. Oh I see, your post, “Margaret Thatcher—the personification of true grit” makes it all clear.

    Thatcher staunch supporter of zionism and apartheid and so famous for accusing Nelson Mandella of being a terrorist. Now it makes sense.

  16. SELF DEFENSE IS the protection of the attacked from the attacker. not Vice Versa. IF a cop attacks me I have the right to Bust his chops If I can.
    NO one has the right to use excessive force until a clear and evident risk is proven to exist. IE the handle of a gun in this case Zimmerman is guilty. No gun was seen no image was proven to exist in the outlines of his clothing. a 3 kg object is hard to hide under a wool hoodie. hoodies are a clothing of significant criminal concealment but most are worn with no intent to harm. but none would hide a gun if it existed. Sorry Case closed

  17. It’s open season on black people in America

  18. Au unarmed child has been shot by an adult. This child was confronted by an irresponsible adult, that, who has the right to carry a gun! Unbelievable. Whoever gave the permission to do so should be put in jail. Come on let’s be human, again, please

  19. When 60 Minutes did a piece on the Trayvon Martin killing, it revealed a rather disturbing statistic. That Florida, ‘The Sunshine State,’ has lynched more blacks than any other state in the US. And that Jackie Robinson, the major league baseball player, was actually run out of the very town in Florida where the incident occurred, after playing just one exhibition game there many years ago. It seems that the kind of ingrained racial bigotry, that we thought was reserved for Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, etc, is impossible to overcome.

  20. You know, people assume Martin was walking down some public street and Zimmerman accosted him because of his colour. First, Zimmerman is a Mestizo – part Peruvian Indian, part black with a white father. So Zimmerman was about as white as the First Black President. Secondly, this was a middle class gated, mixed race community. A short definition of a gated community – ” a gated community is a form of residential community or housing estate containing strictly controlled entrances, and often characterized by a closed perimeter of walls and fences.” People live in gated communities for security. This one was not wealthy therefore they did not have a security guard and they had had a rash of break ins. Zimmerman was patrolling the area because of that. They all knew each other because it was a gated community. Zimmerman asked Martin what he was up to because he knew Martin did not belong in the community. It had nothing to do with colour. Martin could have given his father’s girlfriend’s address and why he was there and nothing would have happened but Martin decided to make an issue of it.

    • What, someone’s not allowed to visit anyone living in a gated community? Did Trayvon force his way into the neighbourhood? Was he there at 7 PM specifically to break into a residence? Why didn’t another resident, who might have noticed Martin, not objected to the police about his presence? Why was it just Zimmerman who thought that Martin was acting suspiciously? Why didn’t Zimmerman confront any white people who were also in the community that evening? Zimmerman had the choice to let the police investigate Trayvon being in the neighbourhood. He chose not to. He killed Trayvon as a result of the stupid confrontation that ensued when he got out of his vehicle and followed the youth. A young black man is just an easy target if you don’t like what they stand for. Zimmerman wasn’t going to let another worthless ‘nigger,’ who was obviously up to no good, get way again.

      • Except – Zimmerman is part black as well. Something the press is anxious to hide. Zimmerman was elected as the coordinator for the Neighbourhood Watch. That was his job. As the coordinator he reported suspicious activity. And no where did Zimmerman call Martin a “nigger”. You are just stirring up the situation. This was the story of a community trying to stop a rash of criminal activity in their neighbourhood. From 2011 – 2012, the police had been called 402 times to that community. Residents said there were dozens of reports of attempted break and enters. This was a mixed race community and as such, I doubt Zimmerman would have targeted someone because of their race. According to Wikipedia of those 402 calls Zimmerman made seven and never once did he bring up the race of the suspicious person unless asked.

        • Again,
          You’re defending the actions of Zimmerman who killed a young BLACK man on his way back from having made a purchase at a local convenience store. Apparently the store manager didn’t feel that Trayvon had acted ‘suspiciously’ or ‘threatened’ him in any way or he might have been justified in calling the police. Did Zimmerman’s duties as the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator include confronting individuals? Or did he have a LEGAL obligation to let the authorities intervene? Did Zimmerman feel that he had the right to confront someone who wasn’t doing anything wrong? Why hadn’t Zimmerman approached any white people in the same vicinity as Martin with the same demands to know why they were there? Because in George’s mind Trayvon was guilty of being in the wrong place at the right time. George was acting as any self styled vigilante thug would in that situation. He killed Trayvon Martin. He killed Trayvon Martin, a BLACK youth whose only crime to that point, before Zimmerman confronted him, was having chosen to visit someone he knew in the community. George Zimmerman admitted he killed Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman should hope that no one, who objects to his being in their neighbourhood, and is carrying a concealed weapon, confronts him because he either hates Metizos, or just doesn’t like how he’s dressed. Because then George Zimmerman just might suffer the same fate as had Trayvon Martin. Now that would be what some of us call, poetic justice.

          • Take your paranoid delusions elsewhere, guest. The fact you keep emphasizing Martin was BLACK, tells me all I need to know. Martin wasn’t visiting, he was staying because his mom kicked him out. Martin had also been caught with women’s jewelry and burglar tools in school and had been expelled for fighting. Martin was a young man going the wrong way in life and it caught up to him and that has nothing to do with being black or BLACK.

          • And that is why a young Black man is dead. Because a self styled , vigilante thug, just like you, decided that Martin fit the profile of the sort of young BLACK man that he despised.

            You, Dan, Doreen, and a few others would fit right into the Sanford Florida mentality. White racist peckerwoods who’d think nothing of lynching poor BLACK men who just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. In their neighbourhood.

          • You are pathetic. Just sayin’

          • LOL. Pinheads like you almost always react that way. It sort of goes with the territory.
            I’m taking bets on what you’ll come up with next.

  21. Given the evidence at trial, and the evidence of Trayvon’s tweets about fighting and weapons, and the stories about his possession of stolen items and a burglary tool, and the evidence about the use of skittles and watermelon tea to make “Lean” (along with cough syrup), it seems increasingly difficult for the pro-Trayvon crowd to insist that George Zimmerman stalked and killed an innocent kid.

    The scenario that the pro-Trayvon crowd seems to favor is that by merely watching and following Trayvon, Zimmerman engaged in profiling and provoked the fatal confrontation. He had no right to be suspicious – notwithstanding the rash of burglaries and a home invasion, mostly by black kids – and by following (or as the pro-Trayvon crowd prefers, “stalking”) he acted in a provocative and aggressive manner.

    The unspoken argument seems to be that even if Trayvon threw the first punch, Zimmerman provoked the assault, and if he hadn’t “profiled” Trayvon and hadn’t been carrying a gun, this would not have happened.

    So: if you are suspicious of a kid who is wandering in your condo complex common area in the evening in the rain, and the kid sees you watching him, and he is black, he is justified in punching you in the nose, pinning you on the ground and beating “MMA-style.”

    Just imagine a middle-class white kid deciding to sucker-punch and then beat the crap out of someone merely for watching and following. That would be immediately recognised as socio- or even psychopathic behaviour. Why not in this case?

    • Still flogging that dead horse to death Dan? Not surprised. I don’t care how you slice and dice it, how you choose to rationalize the death of a BLACK youth. You’re arguments point to the fact that even though you won’t admit it you’re a closet racist just like a few others who have taken Zimmerman’s’s side. Zimmerman’s a known killer. He killed Trayvon Martin as a result of a confrontation that his, and his actions alone, provoked. He will be looking over his shoulder for some time to come. Let’s hope that he see’s a mirror image. Someone just like him, following him, wondering what the hell this no good Metizo is up to.

    • Given the evidence black unarmed teenager is dead and his killer is free. George Zimmerman’s injuries looked superficial and he never required any medical help. From transcript of 911 call it is clear Treyvon Martin knew he has been followed and tried to run away and George Zimmerman was angry and tried to follow him. “Stand your ground ” allows anyone to start confrontation, commit a murder and get away with it. An adult should not follow a teenager, George Zimmerman was 50 pounds heavier than Trayvon Martin and to think of him as helpless victim who could not fight back is ridiculous. And you forgot to mention Zimmerman was on mood altering medication during the incident. But of course skittles are far more dangerous. As a result of the outcome of this trial we all should start to carry a weapon. The fastest one will win.

      • Zimmerman showed no sign of remorse for having taken someone else’s life. Non at all. He didn’t because in his mind Trayvon got exactly what was coming to him. And in Sanford Florida that pretty much summed up a lot of the white residents. So you killed a nigger. You were just doing the Lord’s work. Ridding the world of another worthless, no-good, no account, piece of black trash.

        • It is sad we still judge people by the way they look, walk or talk.

  22. Zimmerman would have been found guilty if he had taken the stand.

    Zimmerman is a liar.

    His own mother said she could not believe the verdict.

    She isn’t the only one.

    • Get out of your mother’s basement

      • You can get out of one’s basement but being stuck with trailer park mentality is for life.

        • Get a Job!

        • Doreen is a one person wrecking crew hell bent on saying everyone who disagrees with her is unemployed, lives in their mother’s basement, and/or is actin sexist towards her.

    • Fact. Zimmerman was charged by the presiding judge with perjuring himself when he failed to declare the total amount of money, in the form of contributions, that he received to help with his legal defense.

  23. If anyone actually believes that George Zimmerman, the hero of the Sanford Block Watch Committee, who was roaming around the neighbourhood looking for any ‘suspicious’ looking individuals, would have gotten out of his vehicle unless he was carrying a weapon, then you need a reality check. His sidearm meant that if he could find the right reason to use it he would. He found Trayvon Martin. His intended victim.

  24. The issue is not self defence. The issue is profiling. It is not Zimmerman’s right to follow, pursue and profile a young black man. Zimmerman was not a police officer- and the “stand your ground” law is archaic and needs to be removed. No one will ever know what took place that evening- but had Zimmerman not followed this young man he would still be alive. Trayvon had every right to be where he was, wearing a hoodie on a rainy night, heading wherever he wanted to go. For any person to compare this violent act to the likes of black on black gang crime is ludicrous. When a gang member shoots or kills another gang member presumably it is in retaliation. Trayvon was not a gang member so the comparison is idiotic. All the people who thought Zimmerman had every right to “defend” himself are delusional, and would like to live in the ignorant blissful fantasy that no one is “racist” any more….

    • The irony of the situation is almost beyond the imagination to conceive. Here’s someone ( Zimmerman ) who confronts another individual ( Martin ) who he thinks is acting “suspiciously” then kills him when that same person objects to his actions and fights back.

  25. I can’t help but think that official policy has made life worse for Negros in the US, and Indians in both Canada & the US.

    Smothering them because of what might go wrong – this is the worst display of killing with kindness that comes from lowered expectations.

    For, how does does one show respect for another, when the first instinct is, “Here, let me get that for you”? Isn’t more humane to ask first, and then comes the aftermath?

  26. Never have I seen so much ignorance of this case in one place. Just a partial rundown:

    George Zimmerman. Democrat. Obama voter. A black great grandfather on his mother’s side. Mother a Peruvian. Father white. Just as Obama looks black and gets called black though he’s half white, Zimmerman looks hispanic and if he were considered a victim by libs would be called hispanic in a flash.

    The President and his AG who had no business commenting on this case let alone interfering sent the FBI to go over Z’s life with a fine tooth comb to find racism and came up empty. Z is in fact the anti-racist. He tutored underprivileged black kids. He stood up for a homeless black man against the local police force. His black neighbors vouched for him as a good guy. He didn’t even think to identify Martin as black until prompted by the dispatcher. (NBC doctored the tape to leave a racist impression, journalistic malpractice). There had been 8 recent break ins in the development. Most of those apprehended were young black men so Trayvon Martin fit that profile.

    Martin was not the 12 year old child whose picture was shown constantly next to the swarthy Zimmerman. He was 17, 6ft 1″ tall with a gold grill and their wt. difference was 20 lbs. He was into Mixed Martial Arts and bragged on his social network about fighting and wanting a rematch with someone who “didn’t bleed enough” the first time.

    The reason Martin was at loose ends was that he had been suspended from school for being found with stolen jewellery and a burglary tool on school property and his mother threw him out of her home. In fact, he had spent little time in either parent’s home pre or post divorce, being fostered by an aunt and uncle for most of his life.

    The Skittles were a poignant detail but maybe not. Skittles and the other item Martin bought, a watermelon drink is mixed with cough syrup such as Robitussin to make an intoxicating drink called “lean” among young blacks. It causes liver damage and there was liver damage on Martin’s autopsy.

    Zimmerman was a Neighborhood Watch participant and called in a sighting of someone he knew to be a stranger in the neighborhood and looking aimless in the rain. Who of evil intent would call police who were on their way and might arrive in time to be witnesses? The woman on the line was not a police officer and her instructions were not legal commands. There was no command not to exit his truck. She asked Z what the suspect was doing which implied the need to follow him. You could hear the unfit Z panting as he walked and talked. When she said “You don’t need to do that”: meaning follow the suspect further, Z said “OK”. There’s no evidence he continued. In fact, the location of the altercation close to his truck bore out his story that he was returning to it when Martin confronted him.

    Martin’s female friend who was on the phone with him said at the trial that he complained of being followed by a “creepy ass cracker” and claimed this was not a racist remark but meant someone gay. Martin may well have thought he would be an easy mark, as his previous fights had been.

    Zimmerman’s nose was bloodied and he had cuts on the back of his head. Martin’s knees were wet from kneeling over him and a witness saw Martin pounding away at the person he was straddling “MMA style”. People have died or gone into coma from a single blow falling and hitting their head so Z’s perception that he was in danger was realistic. The rest is sad history, including the show trial that followed.

    People here also seem to know nothing about American crime statistics especially inter-racial crime. White on black crime is so rare that the media that wants to perpetuate this myth have to make a part black hispanic into a white. They also tried to pass off a burgeoning thug as a 12 year old innocent. Black on white crime is much more common. Blacks are 17 times more likely to murder a white than the reverse. And the most common of all is black on black crime. Of black murder victims in the US, 92% are killed by other blacks. THIS is the epidemic that blacks need to address if their main concern is their youth and not guilting whites for money.

    All of the above except the purpose of the Skittles can be corroborated from trial evidence and American crime stats. (I’ve done this from memory so am open to corrections but they must be grounded in evidence from the trial or crime stats, not something you read in the untrustworthy media). But some people just cannot give up their idee fixe from a corrupt media that there are white racists running around America gunning down black children. In fact there have been two terrible cases recently of young blacks shooting white infants in the face while robbing their mothers. But there are no mass vigils for these two true innocents as there have been for the non-“child” Trayvon Martin. Whites apparently just walk away from their dead children while blacks go after the wrong culprits.

  27. you are incorrect. if you are committing a crime -your example, bank robbery – you lose the right to shoot back; you forfeit that right.

  28. The William Burroughs cut up technique of mixing the law with the polemic is

    If you shoot back at a police officer, and then you are taken to the precinct;
    it might just happen that an influential columnist might say that it is fine to
    torture a Somali teenager to death; even though the military has
    disbanded that regiment.

    This is a 180 degree shift for Lady Black Of Crossharbour.

  29. Barbara Amiel. – just wow