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What Canadians earn today (and yesterday)

  1. And yet we’ll still elect the Liberals in Ontario. Just look at the bottom 10 wage growths by occupation. Half of them are from Ontario.

    Hard to grow wages with incompetent government and especially abhorrent energy policies! I’m sorry, but if your opinion still is “Mike Harris bad”, just don’t bother voting in the next election, please, and let the grown-ups handle things.

    We just can’t afford the Liberals any more. And that is not Mike Harris’ fault.

    • LOL well nobody wants Hudak and his Lanark Loons.

      • Guess we’ll aim for the whole top 10 then.

        • Ont and Que have the most people and the most head offices and the most tech. But in a province of unions….Hudak is anti-union, and Lanark is a maple syrup area. Randy Hillier is a ‘rural activist’

    • Hazards of debt and tax economics. Youth unemployment is right behind the other socialist province Quebec.

      More government, less for the people. Its why I left Ontario for the west in 1980, no PST and lower income tax for socialist waste saved me a lot of money over the years.

  2. Pilots make $36.81? HA. I know flight instructors that work for under 20k/year and pilots that work for 26k/year. That so-called average is reached by most pilots after 10 years in the business. I barely reached the average in 5yrs, and then took a 30% pay cut to go fly planes with 10x the passengers. Maclean’s, stop taking the numbers that big airlines give you, and go ask the good people at Air Georgian or Keystone how much they pay their pilots and copilots, in exchange for 200hrs of work/month… You’ll be surprised…

    • First of all I don’t want to be on a plane that is flown by big sexy what a joke and sexond if u can’t have enogh value in what u do to live on poverty wadge while flyong a plane with peoples lives on the line I have no use for u as people loke u who worry about what a union member makes grow a set and take pride on urself.If you are truthfull about what u made I would be embarased. as long as peole work for penuts and cry with out doing somthing about it u deserve what u get chump! Walmart has lots of jobs loser!

      • I’d rather not work for or hire someone who writes like “jason”.


        • The only scary thing is if you are a person who dose the hiring jerk off. I wouldnt hire u knowing how small minded u are.

          • Wow, talk about a pot calling a kettle black.

            Anyway, I have to wonder why you have an obsession with Wally World.

        • U deserve to fly in a plane piloted by by bigsexy.

        • Andy is on walmarts hr team no doubt

    • Depends who they work for. $45/hr is Air Canada’s starting wage. A full captain with 10 years doing long haul international can make $250/hr. Not everyone works for Buffalo.

  3. Actually I do not care what a personmakes – what I do care about is how much is left in their pockets after taxes and expenses.

    And that amount is becoming very tiny!

    • Well what’s left in peoples pockets is a direct consequence of how much they are paid but I guess minimum wadge is good pay while big corp take home billions on our backs they get great tax breaks look around my freind

      • Sorry, big corps are generally not making the big bucks you tout. No way are share holders of Sears and US Steal closing down PROFITABLE operations.

        Investors are like workers, they go to work to make money not lose it.

        The real their is governments tax inflating the economy putting too much wage pressure on companies. Tax statism greed, the pied piper.

    • Socialist-liberal-statism corruption is a great idea so long as the credit is good and other people pay for it. When the credit runs out and those that pay for it leave, they can all share having nothing but unemployment, debt and discontentment.

      Only real solution to government bloat and waste is to move away from it. I did, I left Ontario in 1980 and have no regrets. Even spent 11 years living abroad with lower taxes and higher savings.

      If I waited or counted on government, I would be homeless literally. As I knew young someday I would be disabled so I had my financial plans tighter than a frogs ass, saved and invested in the good times so I could retire-disable early and not rely on government disabled poverty most get.

      Even though I am disabled, I am looking to move out of Canada as the taxes are killing me.

  4. Macleans boards used to be a civilized discussion forum, and now they feature the likes of this…….. no wonder I rarely visit the site anymore.

  5. Probably should be an Alberta/Saskatchewan version. Carpentry and Trades would look substantially different.

  6. These stats I suspect are old as the hills or cooked. Over time I have been exposed to HR data on this, various private companies even government and I knwo the above numbers are not current numbers.

    Sounds more like media is trying to make people feel happy as 95% of the professions above make more than is listed.

    Reality however is that in terms on value, net after taxes, including spend side taxes peoples value incomes have decreased from taxes quite a bit. Isn’t just income tax, add employment, city property/utility taxes, and over $40 billion of hidden taxations to prop up Canadian prices for more value damages.

    If people feel like income value is shrinking, they are right. And the salary rates above are not current.

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