Google will hire 4,000 to 5,000 arts grads next year

Arts grads can make great programmers: VP

by Josh Dehaas

What can you do with an arts degree? How about work for Google, arguably the world’s most successful tech firm. Google vice-president of consumer products, Marissa Mayer, recently told Times Higher Education that most new hires over the next year won’t be engineers or science graduates. “We are going through a period of unbelievable growth and will be hiring about 6,000 people this year – and probably 4,000-5,000 from the humanities or liberal arts,” she said, adding that Google wants people from any background so long as they’re “smart and get things done.” Many of the arts graduates will be hired for technical jobs, even programming, which many arts graduates excel at, said Mayer.


Google will hire 4,000 to 5,000 arts grads next year

  1. This news blurb is a bit misleading as the Times Higher education piece is actually about Google leading the search for humanities PhD graduates.

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