How much do big-city mayors make? -

How much do big-city mayors make?

The mayor of Brampton makes a lot more than Rob Ford


Read more from the Maclean’s Who Earns What issue here.


How much do big-city mayors make?

  1. Oh, there’s Waldo!!

  2. You have to give it to Hazel….92 and still going strong…I bet she shooting for the top spot before she retires.

  3. What is wrong with Brampton!!! In any other city there would be a revolution….
    What a Disgusting display of entitlement! Shame on Mayor Fennel and council…they should be taking a cut in salary in the current economic climate, not gouging the already overtaxed residents….

    • ya, but she has to live in Brampton, so I get it.

  4. Nenshi’s take home salary or the amount Nenshi is entitled to receive but does not take home because he donates a portion away.