How much does Justin Bieber earn?

The 19-year-old is still worth an estimated $55 million, even after a string of bad behaviour


(Photo by David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns via Getty Images)

For Bieber, life as a 19-year-old superstar has been one scandal after another— from throwing up onstage to spritzing Bill Clinton’s photo with bleach and peeing in a mop bucket on YouTube.

But while his image has taken a beating, the Bieber road show just keeps rolling along, and it doesn’t look like the former child busker from Stratford, Ont., will need to pass the hat anytime soon. Bieber’s annual haul, calculated by Forbes from concert tours, record royalties and endorsements, puts him at $55 million — just behind American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. To compare this to other Canadian pop stars, Michael Bublé is worth $37 million, while Carly Rae Jepsen takes home $2 million.

The Biebs may play the rebel without a cause on the road, but under the management of Schoolboy Records mogul Scooter Braun, Bieber Inc. is maturing into a multi-platform industry, complete with a line of branded Bieber Girlfriend, Someday and Key.

And the Bieb’s inflationary ego is more than keeping pace with his income. That sweet Canadian kid, now suddenly a spoiled brat, cried sour grapes when he was shut out of the Grammys. And when his behavioural implosion was compared to that of an infamously damaged young actress, he lashed out with an especially mean-spirited display of schadenfreude (look it up, Justin)—“to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan, look at her 2012 tax statements.” Modesty, it seems, is one asset that no amount of rock-star success can buy.

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How much does Justin Bieber earn?

  1. Hi.Maybe you can drop him from your honour role list next..Im certain hell be devasted…sincerly..Ashley MacIsaac

    • I know that name! You played the violin without underwear! You could kick Chuck Norris’s ass!

  2. the way..beibers estimated networth Is over100milluon british opines…do some fact checkung please.

  3. Bieber is worth $135 million……. you people are wayyyyy off.
    So much money that he could buy you out- “MCLEANS” and shut you down….
    So stop beating down on the kid! If anything he’s earned Canada a little more respect and all you folks do is bash him…. so who’s the jackass? It’s you MCLEANS.
    People like to act as if they are so much better …. Nit-picking everything he does…..
    If hes so negative why write a report about it or give him the time of day….. Oh ya, thats right, its because Bieber is what sells and Bieber is whats relavant….. don’t hate on something you need to eat…..
    Keep it up haters cuz all it does is fuel the Bieber train….

    • Hmmm… a story teller crafting a story that squeezes out highly illogical emotional responses from the average reader… sounds good in theory, but in practise? Nay, I say it cannot be done.

    • Net worth and annual income are different things.

  4. Give it up Macleans and stop bashing Bieber, that boy has achieved so much for his age and should be proud of himself for all of his accomplishments.

    • Sniff. Ok, I’m over it now. Do you have any articles about cats?

  5. Well Justins personal life has nothing to do with his Job,and you have nothing to do with his personal life either.

    Also i have realized that you only show haterd comments about justin. How rude are you…But what can i say..Jealousy turns a person into an Ugly monsters,We cant do anything about it but ignore the monsters :D

  6. I’d just like to point out there’s a difference between the words “earn” and “get”, and you probably used the wrong one in this instance.

  7. omg justin bieber is getting married

    • im a believer

  8. We are talking the no class dip stick that accepted the order of Canada with his hat on backwards, no shirt and his ball cap on backwards. Yeah the real “pride of Canada”

  9. You people who are defending bieber should be ashamed, he is the worst artist to come out of canada. For everyone that knows southpark – canada now needs to apologize to the rest of the world for him.

  10. Regardless of what he is worth his behaviour and attitude toward others is deplorable

  11. I wish I was Justin Bieber. 19 years old, 55 million, good looks, world famous. I’m 25 and I would kill to make 30 thousand a year. That’s 1 million 800k in 60 years. I could live another 60 years and still need less than 2 million dollars. Justin Bieber has 55 million. Damn you Justin Bieber! Damn you to hell!