Ontario Liberals would double teacher’s college

More classroom experience needed, they say


Ontario’s governing Liberals say that if they’re re-elected on Oct. 6, they would double the length of teacher’s college programs from one to two years.

“The new two-year program would mean that student teachers would spend more time in the classroom,” the Liberals wrote a press release. “Ontario’s one-year teacher education program is one of the shortest in Canada.  Other places in the world where students rank high in standardized tests — such as Japan, Singapore and Finland — have multi-year programs.” They point out that Ontario teachers graduate with only 40 days experience.

Ontario capped enrollment in teacher’s colleges in May in response to high unemployment among new teachers.


Ontario Liberals would double teacher’s college

  1. Seriously, is this the only issue McGinty has the Teachers?
    and the Green BS

  2. There is so much wrong with what the author has written here… although… I can’t tell if it’s because it’s reported incorrectly, or if the Liberals are just idiots. I teach at a teachers’ college in Ontario. 40 days? That’s a load of crap. Try TRIPLING that number. Standardized tests? That’s how a teacher’s worth is being measured in Japan? Singapore? Finland? Is that really how we should be framing education here in Canada? In my opinion, there’s only ONE reason the Liberals want to double the length of a program: to enable universities to charge double the tuition. Prediction: Ontario’s teacher colleges will lose students if their programs are doubled. What prospective teacher will want to spend double the time and double the money, when they can get the same B.Ed. degree at say – UBC or other fantastic Canadian uni’s – within 8-12 months? Politicians should do one thing for education in this country: stay out of it.

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