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Our nation, divided: Jobs and politics

A look at the growing gaps separating Canadians, in job opportunities and politics


The Canadian identity is often summarized by what we share: vast landscapes, an unforgiving climate and a sense of hardy resilience. But Canada is increasingly a nation defined by our differences. The economic gap between have and have-not provinces, differences in outlook among young and old, and even what we are buying and where. Here, as part of that Our Nation Divided series, we crunched the numbers to show how the gulfs are widening between us, in regards to our politics and our job opportunities.






Our nation, divided: Jobs and politics

  1. BC may have a “liberal” government but the BC Liberal party is not liberal and has no real connection to the federal liberal party, it is mostly ex-socreds and reform alliance. Most of its members would be voting for Harper in any election.

  2. Have not provinces have not as they are unwilling to change. Everyone worships bloated government, high taxes and fails to realize it makes them demand excessive wages and drives away opportunities.

    No Mexican, American or Chinese is packing off 41% of GDP to one bloated level of governance or another in taxes, fees for bailout buddies, union cards and the ruse of a social system they push. I say ruse as disabled Americans get better SSI supports, medial, dental and drugs… But we like our false pride while we wait for health care no American would tolerate. Hey, Williams had his heart on the line and went to Florida says it all.

    We are inefficiently over governed. CRA has 3 times the employees per million taxpayers as does US. Got over 2 million able people on one social assistance program or another, another 3+ million union cards in governance, can’t get anyone on the ballot for LESS government and LESS waste, and LESS bailout buddy and lobby group fiends feeding uncommon good.

    Canada as a investing is a LOSER if you take a world view and use USD or Yuan for measuring investing performance. Take devalued money for debt, 17.6% value loss in CAD GDP/investments form currency losses totally ignored.

    So tax greedy are we, basic foods like dairy, beef are taxed. Up to 283% on Mozzarella cheese, 234% for beef. Gotta get the poor!! After all, dairy and beef lobby groups buy politics…and media never talks of it…a hidden $45 billion a year in CBSA tariffs, duties, taxes and fees no American pays. CBC Marketplace so corrupted, they do 43 minitues of “High Canadian” prices and not once mention the $45 billion in hidden taxes….coming from our citizens and businesses to feed the government greed.

    Even raise our kids to be ignorant of real world economics, as no one wants the public to question big government.

    But lets state the obvious. Reason governments can fix the economic problems, as they are the problem. Its why I left Ontar-iOWE in 1980….wait for government to fix itself is a fools game.

  3. Think, those are the BS employment numbers.

    Add in those who are not on EI, looking for work… add in the FN and welfare groups not looking for work but of work and able age that do not seek work. Add in immigration to social assistance….

    Our unemployment numbers raw, and society worker participation rates are not so rosy.

    But in Canada we like polishing the BS to make a piece of shit smell like a rose.