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Ujjal Wins His Seat! or Young People Being Blocked


Just a note to congratulate our contributing feature Ujjal Dosanjh for winning his riding of Vancouver South, defeating the Conservative candidate Wai Young by just over 30 votes. As we said already, John Godfrey, also featured in Kickstart, did not run, but his Liberal replacement in Toronto’s Don Valley West Rob Oliphan did – and won. And, so that no one thinks we have too many Liberals featured in Kickstart, we have the story of Brian Mulroney, who is, in many ways, the arch-Conservative.

And just a note on the low voter turnout (just under 60% for the first time ever): many people I have spoken to said that, among twenty-somethings, those that didn’t vote usually tried to vote but were turned away for having insufficient ID or the polling station had been moved to another location without notice. I think these point to structural problems, as much as anything about youth “apathy” or any other tagword floating around the media.


Ujjal Wins His Seat! or Young People Being Blocked

  1. This was my experience in the 2006 election. I, and several others, were not told that we needed to bring a piece of mail with our address on it. We were offered no advice and essential told “Too bad, so sad”

    I got clever and printed off a page from the MUN student web with my St. John’s address on it which, oddly enough, was acceptable. Given that most university and college students at least have access to equivalent sites at their universities, my advice is that Student Unions/Elections Canada should step up and inform students of this quick and easy way to prevent being turned away at the polls.