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Where business and engineering students want to work

Is the public service losing its appeal?


Google: Canadian students' top choice

New rankings of Canada’s Ideal Employers from the firm Universum, which use data from 27,800 students at 52 universities, show Google is the top choice among both business students and engineering/IT students. The Government of Canada is second for business and eighth for engineering/IT. Apple is third for both groups.

In 2010, the Government of Canada was the first choice among both groups, while provincial governments and the Canada Revenue Agency were fourth and fifth. Provincial governments and the CRA are no longer in the top 10. That suggests the public service may be losing its appeal, although it’s impossible to know for sure due to changes in methodology. For example, the business ranking used to include law students and the engineering/IT ranking used to include natural sciences students.

What is clear is that American technology and financial services firms dominate the lists while Waterloo, Ont.-based BlackBerry, formerly in the top 10 for engineering/IT, is notably absent.

Here are 2013’s top 10 “ideal employers” for engineering/IT students (with their 2010 standings).

1. Google (3)
2. Microsoft (6)
3. Apple (5)
4. IBM (10)
5. Bombardier (9)
6. Facebook (n/a)
7. SNC-Lavalin (26)
8. Government of Canada (1)
9. Intel (15)
10. Suncor Energy (21)

And here are 2013’s top 10 “ideal employers” for business students (with their 2010 standings).

1. Google (3)
2. Government of Canada (1)
3. Apple (2)
4. KPMG (10)
5. TD Bank Financial Group / TD Canada Trust (16)
6. Deloitte (6)
7. Ernst & Young (11)
8. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) (13)
9. RBC Financial Group / RBC (12)
10. The Walt Disney Company (n/a)


Where business and engineering students want to work

  1. Dear Sir
    In your analysis of desireable employers the Government is no longer among the first.

    Are you not aware that for years the Government has had a ” Visible Minority” requirement where priority is given to those from South Asia at the exclusion of those that fought for our country.( This rather dates me! )

    Employees from these areas need only show or tell of their qualifications, which cannot be verified , as that would be discrimination.
    From experience they will produce any type of Report whether pro or con as indicated by their Government managers. For them facts are flexabile as this is the practice of their country of origin.

    No wonder the graduating students do not seek employment with the Government. If one is white the visible minority supervisor will soon be sure the new employee will not survive the first six months or so.

    There is more , oh so much more.
    Yours truly
    Fred Jackson

  2. A shame. Students should be a bit more conscientious of the morals, or lack thereof, of some of these companies. I’d read Rebecca Solnit’s How to Act Like a Billionaire on tomdispatch.

    Besides, there are plenty of other ways to be a smart, enterprising individual online.