Working for the federal government

Salaries of politicians and bureaucrats, from the back benches to Stephen Harper


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Working for the federal government

  1. Okily dokily: so do you tell us how much harper and mulcair inherited or does that only count for Trudeau? Or is it that he’s the only one who has willingly disclosed all his monies?

    • Just click on the article it will tell you.

  2. I like how the Governor of the Bank of Canada makes the most. Says a lot about our valuation of work and who’s really in charge of the world, doesn’t it?

    • You really want some putz running the BoC, or do you want to offer enough to buy the talent you need? Are you sorry Carney was in charge these last few years? We should actually raise the salary bar for high level governing positions… and then raise the quality bar for candidates with experience and brains to do the job, instead of what we mostly have now.

      • so you mean the electorate doesn’t have any brains? be careful with this one. And this has got little to do with “talent” as with greed. ah, human nature. So what’s the diff?

  3. Make or take??

  4. see what the page makes …minimum wage.. actually less than at 300/week… while the third party leader gets 3 x added onto his already bloated MPs salary what a joke

  5. When you consider a rookie hockey player get the same salary. I wouldn’t want Harpers job for the money he gets.

    • 2 wrongs don’t make a right. 2 thugs either. Compared to the Mafia at least you know they’ll take you out than hit you when you least expect it

  6. We need a taxpayer revolt – withold our taxes until this abuse of tax dollars is corrected. PSAC over compensation, indexed pensions, Marc Carb’s $130K/yr pension, civil servants earning over $500K, this is inane. Both Federally and provincially we are being raped by greedy and stupid politicians and their co-dependent bureaucrats top to bottom.
    My definition of a Canadian taxpayer: “A Life Support System for a Civil Servant.”
    Then there’s the criminal CRA being paid to harass innocent seniors into committing suicide. And the treacherous CBC ruining people’s lives and living up the Muslim dream. All at our expense.
    Never thought I’d agree with the NDP on anything but their campaign to eliminate the Senate is overdue. So long as the heinous, spurious and much abused CHARTER is rescinded as well.

  7. So when will Harper really start earning his salary?

  8. The salaries are only the tip of the iceberg. The real money these jokers pull in is not directly viewable in salaries, but as perks that are immune to audits and thinly veiled as ‘expenses’.

    For instance – Harper’s special credit card wit the maple leaf on it. He uses it, but never has to pay the statements.

  9. I they got paid for actual work done they wouldn’t make more than minimum wage

  10. So these people get paid 6 figures, up to $500K, only to gouge Canadians for more money, with their tax hikes and bogus fees?! I most certain, that if politicians actually cared about the country more than they’re wealth and power, Canada would be in a much better position. Any country would.

  11. What is this, are all these peaple making comments welfare recipients.
    If any of you ever had a job you would know that dividing their income by the hours of actual work they do, they basically work for minimum wages.
    And if any of you are willing to do the job and you thing it is well paid. (GO FOR IT)

    • Check your math. in order to achieve the salary of an MP ($160,200), a person working minimum wage would need to work 307 hours each week (or 44 hours each day) to make that much money.

      Working at minimum wage for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week (84 hours) for 52 weeks produces an income of $43,680.

      If an MP works the same amount of hours, that MP makes nearly $47 per hour.

      I am not making a comment about wether MP’s salaries are fair or even good value for money; I am merely correcting the faulty assumptions on which L.C.’s arguments are based.

  12. I dont believe the Prime Minister or Mulcair inherited any fortune but worked their way to where they are, On the other hand the Libs voted in a name for their leader instead of a MAN