Aaron Hutchins

Aaron Hutchins is an award-attending journalist who writes about business, politics and public policy.
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Q&A with Christine Sinclair on trash talk, equality in sports, retirement plans and more

The Canadian soccer legend’s revelatory memoir, Playing the Long Game, hits bookshelves this week

The battle for the soul of Muskoka

A Toronto real estate developer is building a mansion on Ontario’s fanciest leisure lake. The neighbours are doing whatever they can to stop him.
Zdarsky, a.k.a. Steve Murray, has worked as an illustrator for national newspapers. He co-created the lauded (and banned) comic book series Sex Criminals.

Meet the Canadian bringing Batman into a new era

As the new lead writer for Batman, Chip Zdarsky wants to explore the superhero’s weaknesses 
Panama v Canada: 2022 World Cup Qualifying

“It hit me: Wow, the World Cup is really coming to Canada”

In our Q&A with Jonathan Osorio, the national team star explains why the announcement that Vancouver and Toronto will be host cities at the 2026 World Cup is a very big deal.
Jeopardy Super Fan

This Jeopardy! superfan and archivist has helped train the all-time greats

Andy Saunders, from Guelph, Ontario, runs the internet’s pre-eminent Jeopardy! fan site and never misses an episode.
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Ahmed Hussen has a plan to solve Canada’s housing crisis

The country’s housing minister explains why he still believes in the dream of affordable home ownership in Canada
(Illustration by Kagan McLeod)

Want to buy a house? Don’t bother checking the foundations.

Buyers desperate to get in on the property boom are opting out of home inspections, opening the door to nasty surprises
Far-fetched tales of woe are falling victim to new technologies, as insurers learn how to better fight insurance fraud (Mikkel William/Getty Images; Photo illustration by Drew Maynard)

Trying to lie to your insurance company? Your car will betray you.

Car tech is exposing the nose-stretchers told by drivers trying to scam their insurers
Omar El Akkad (Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)

Giller Prize-winning author Omar El Akkad’s powerful writing is making a mark

The Egyptian-Canadian author is turning journalistic savvy into literary clout. He’s on this year’s Maclean’s Power List.
Rising star Laurie Blouin gets airborne during the U.S. Grand Prix slopestyle qualifications in 2020 (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Snowboarder Laurie Blouin’s secret weapon: The music of Shania Twain

In Beijing, Blouin will draw on two decades of hard work and hard knocks. That and the lyrics of a certain country song.