Alex Ballingall

Veteran Ron Beal holds an image of himself (aged 24) taken shortly after WWII

Vindicating Dieppe

The catastrophic WWII battle may have had a much larger purpose than just taking a French beach
Metric minds its own business

Why Metric Music is miles ahead

Toronto band makes, promote and distributes its own albums
The joy of belonging

A Rwandan refugee finds acceptance in the Canadian army

Inspired by Roméo Dallaire, Tarcisse Ruhamyandekwe joined the Reserve, where abilities were judged, not ethnicities
A peacock moment

A Canadian veteran’s peacock moment on D-Day

John Trafford swept Omaha Beach for mines before the U.S. soldiers came ashore
Missing image

California offloads the cost of crime

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law mandating the “realignment” of the way California puts people behind bars.
Missing image

Wheels of fortune

Photographer Brian Howell turns shopping carts of cast-offs into arresting art
Canadian Tire rotator

How corporate social responsibility improved these companies’ bottom lines

Doing good turned out to be good for Canadian Tire, Ford and Gap too