Allen Abel

Allen Abel has been writing for a living since the age of Linotype machines and molten lead. Now he has a 11-year-old daughter with her own iPhone.
President Trump Speaks On Border Security And The Government Shutdown
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Donald Trump congratulates himself for ending a shutdown he started

Will it last, asks Allen Abel, or will Trump use the last bullet in his revolver to shoot himself in the foot?
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It’s Day 26 of the shutdown and U.S. government workers are lining up for food

Republicans and Dems both claim to sympathize, but the bureaucrats aren’t hungry enough for either side to stand down
House Of Representatives Convenes For First Session Of 2019 To Elect Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) As Speaker Of The House
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Trump is facing his new reality—and she’s holding a hammer

Allen Abel: The Democratic women of the 116th Congress are already a force to be reckoned with. But are they a force to banish Trump?
President Trump Signs Agriculture Improvement Act Of 2018
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’Halfway Trump’ is now America’s sorry condition. Will it get worse?

Allen Abel: Two years after his election, Trump is proving his personal creed that power is everything—and damn the cost to his country
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Will America recover from Donald Trump and the Reign of Lies?

Allen Abel: As the president’s hallucinatory world heaves and crumbles, Americans ponder what kind of country they wish to live in—and what kind of people they want to be
George H.W. Bush dies at age 94
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At George H.W. Bush’s state funeral, every tribute seems a rebuke to Trump

Excellence, civility, intelligence, modesty: Words used to describe Bush Sr. recall what a U.S. president can be—and what the current one is not
President And Mrs Trump Attend National Christmas Tree Lighting
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Behold! Unhinged Donald Trump brings Christmas to Washington

Allen Abel: Even as the president tweets insults, Santa Claus is giving him the benefit of the doubt. So are a surprising number of voters.
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Praise Trump or die: How to get the Medal of Freedom in today’s America

Former NFLer Alan Page was the exception proving the rule, as Trump honoured Elvis, Babe Ruth and a hundred-million donor to Republicans

These four Victoria Cross winners showed valour. Only one survived the war.

The mystery of why some men rush toward machine guns, instead of away. And the story of one young soldier who survived to have an ordinary life.
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Who won the U.S. midterms? Why, Donald Trump, of course

Allen Abel: Declaring victory by defeat, the president returns the Capitol to its regularly scheduled chaos