Anne Kingston

Anne Kingston

Senior Writer and Columnist Anne Kingston covers contemporary culture—everything from medical politics to the politics of food. She is the author of 'The Meaning of Wife: A Provocative Look at Women and Marriage in the 21st Century' and 'The Edible Man: Dave Nichol, President’s Choice and the Making of Popular Taste.' Find her at [email protected].

Marie Kondo’s store and its pricey clutter

Anne Kingston: Although the tidying diva’s new product line passed her own ‘spark check,’ existential questions remain

Why intergenerational warfare is a mug’s game

Anne Kingston: It stokes stereotyping and ageism, and dehumanizes at a moment when collaboration and cooperation are needed. Who needs it?

From haircuts to jumpsuits, we’re moving toward gender neutrality

Expect the movement to change the messages we hear, the forms we fill out and the products we buy. But not without pushback.

Will Harvey Weinstein’s big show produce ’himpathy’?

Anne Kingston: Weinstein’s case offers a textbook lesson in systemic protections afforded powerful, privileged men
Honey and Barry Sherman. (Photo by Liora)

Barry and Honey Sherman murders’ newest twist: family and police join forces

The private investigation into the Sherman murders is complete, and its tip line has been shut down, raising more questions about the two-year-old case
Ceremonies mark 25th anniversary of Ecole Polytechnique massacre

Let’s finally call ’violence against women’ what it really is

Anne Kingston: It’s been 30 years since Marc Lépine killed 14 women at Montreal’s École Polytechnique. Why have we not properly addressed violence against women?

#MeToo’s influence reaches coaches’ corner

Anne Kingston: Two years after the first mass movement to protest sexual harassment and assault, we see the testing of new tolerances play out in the hockey arena
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Announces New Cabinet

10 subtle and (not-so-subtle) signals from Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet

Anne Kingston: Days after the swearing-in of the federal cabinet (and after volumes of analysis), telling details from the day itself remain overlooked

The 2019 election revealed that sexism is status quo

Anne Kingston: Misogynistic slurs, masculinity contests and lack of discussion of issues affecting all women serve as a blaring wake-up call
Honey and Barry Sherman at the UJA groundbreaking. (Photo by Liora)

Who killed Barry and Honey Sherman? A new book offers fascinating insights.

Kevin Donovan, the chief investigative reporter at the Toronto Star, talks about the unique investigation, the family and why he believes the case will be solved