Brian Bethune

Brian Bethune writes about ideas, books and the book trade, and religion, but what really interests him is why people believe what they believe.
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The Interview

Why Moshe Safdie wants Canada to rebuild its sense of adventure

“The public often thinks a building can be functional but ugly as hell. To me, that’s impossible.”


Q&A: Ken Dryden on the Summit Series 50 years later

16 million out of 22 million Canadians tuned in for the final game in the legendary battle between Canada and the USSR

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Joshua Whitehead takes on CanLit

In ‘Making Love With the Land,’ Whitehead moves between genres and languages in a series of essays that open up a whole new window on the meaning of Canadian literature

Britt Wray and her seven-month-old son, Atlas. (Portraits by Jake Stangel)

Is it ethical to have kids in the climate crisis?

Researcher Britt Wray grapples with bringing new life into a dying world


Six must-read books for April and May

An ode to Canada’s lost buildings and a memoir by Elamin Abdelmahmoud are among our picks for the best books of the season

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Emily St. John Mandel can’t stop writing about pandemics

Her novel Station Eleven imagined a world ravaged by a pandemic long before COVID-19 existed. Now, she’s gone through one herself.


Six books to read this spring

A novel by the creator of ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ and an inside look at the race to develop the COVID vaccine are among our picks for the best reads of the spring

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The key to survival: Find five people. Hold them close.

Close relationships—about five of them—are as essential as food and water, according to this author


The search for Anne Frank’s betrayer

Canadian author Rosemary Sullivan’s new book describes the six-year investigation into how the Nazis learned about the Amsterdam annex where the Frank family hid during WWII

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.(Roberto Schmid/AFP/Getty Images)

Was Jan. 6 the beginning of the end for America?

A new book imagines what the next American civil war will look like, beginning with the 2021 Capitol riots

Bob and Jean walk eastward on Bloor Street after a morning run (Photograph by Cole Garside)

How the most connected man in Toronto came back from death

Bob Ramsay’s memoir explains how he survived a brush with death–for love