Christina Gonzales

Christina Gonzales is the opinions editor at Maclean's magazine.
Shi outside the Pixar animation studio in Emeryville, Calif. (Photograph by Jessica Chou)

With ‘Turning Red,’ Domee Shi wants to tell the story of your childhood

The Canadian director won an Oscar for her touching Pixar short. Now, in her debut feature, she plumbs her childhood to make a movie for everyone.
From left: Brenna, Cali, Capri, Luis, Brooke, Tracey and their dog, Charlie: ‘We were completely priced out’ (Photograph by Carmen Cheung)

Want to get in on Canadian real estate? Welcome to the down-payment hustle.

Insane house prices and rising inequality are leaving anyone without an account at the bank of mom and dad behind
(Photograph by Carmen Cheung)

An ode to my work-from-home dining table

Pandemic life happened here: work calls by day, home-cooked meals by night, a baby’s first delightful laugh. And now it’s hard to imagine having to leave.
Portrait of Tee Lyn Duke from Kwandibens' "Concrete Indians" series. The image is now on display at Ryerson University. (Nadya Kwandibens/Red Works Photography)

Taking her place

For the next five years, the Ryerson University Library will display a 10-by-15.7-foot portrait of Anishinaabekwe Tee Lyn Duke in her traditional regalia
Stone, 10, with her 4-H steer Turbo, on the family farm near Westerose, Alta., in May (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

Her hands to larger service for her club, her community and her country

To some, the 4-H pledge can seem a corny throwback to a bygone, agrarian era. But each year, it inspires thousands of Canadian farm kids to take on projects that provide insight into how we feed ourselves. It’s never been needed more.
A man does a headstand in Riverdale Park East in Toronto., on Apr. 20, 2020. (Rachel Verbin/CP)

Coronavirus and the war against extroverts

Christina Gonzales: If the decade-long campaign against extroverts didn’t rid of us, this might just be the end 
Toronto Textile Recycling buys donated clothing, and employees sort and grade each piece before the clothes are sold around the world (Photograph by Christie Vuong)

What really happens to the clothes you donate

A clothing grader in Brampton, Ont.—which buys unsold, used clothing and sells it to buyers across the globe—provides a glimpse into one of the world’s largest second-hand clothing economy hubs

The latest trend in cannabis: ’hauter’ cuisine

Microdosing and terpene-pairing are about to give a whole new meaning to the high in ‘haute cuisine’

How Hong Kong refugees who sheltered Edward Snowden found a new life in Canada

Two of the ’Snowden refugees’ have a new home in Montreal. What about the others?
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The outliers of Canadian media

Christina Gonzales: The reporting of Trudeau’s blackface shed light on one of Canada’s biggest diversity challenges—there aren’t enough people of colour in journalism