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Owner of The Workshop Dance Studio, Nancy Morgan, gives a tap dance class via video in Kemptville Ontario, February 27 2021 (Photograph by Kaja Tirrul)

The pandemic has exposed Canada’s internet problem

As the crisis drags on, many of us live with web connections too weak for work and study at home
Melissa Mahoney and her family stand in front of their home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (Photograph by Carolina Andrade)

Best communities in Canada: Why Atlantic Canada comes out on top

Our exclusive new ranking finds the long-overlooked cities of Atlantic Canada are the top places to be now that many of us are able to work and study from home
(Courtesy of the City of Moncton)

Canada’s top 25 communities to live and work remotely in 2021

Our exclusive new ranking of the best places to live in the country takes into account that more of us are able to work and study from home
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Canada’s best communities 2021: Full ranking of 415 cities

This year’s exclusive ranking takes into account the fact that many of us can work and study from home. Explore the full list here and use the tool to find the best community for you
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Best communities in Canada 2021: Methodology

Here’s how Maclean’s picked the best communities in Canada to live and work remotely
Chamath Palihapitiya (Justin Maxon)

Chamath Palihapitiya, the billionaire venture capitalist investing in a better world

While the U of Waterloo alumnus has some negative feedback for capitalism in its current form, he uses market forces to put his massive wealth to work for the betterment of society
Tao (left) and Schofield outside their Vancouver apartment building; the friends are fighting evictions in the city’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood (Photograph by Alana Paterson)

Renters across Canada are banding together to fight high housing costs and evictions

The pandemic has brought tensions over the decades-long housing crisis in Canada’s cities to a boiling point
An illustration of E. Scrooge's office as possums sit in his desk drawers

A Christmas Carol, but during the 2020 pandemic

“Has no one come to my funeral because large gatherings are forbidden in the pandemic?” The figure shook his head no.
Workers are screened for COVID-19 as they enter the Toyota plant in Cambridge, Ont.(Courtesy of Toyota Canada)

The workplace of the future will probably remain under surveillance

The pandemic unleashed new forms of digital employee surveillance that are likely here to stay
COVID has moved many Canadians to donate to groups that meet more immediate needs (Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

The future of giving

‘Mutual aid groups’ and GoFundMe campaigns are thriving as donations move away from traditional causes