Josh Dehaas

Josh Dehaas

Josh Dehaas is a writer and editor focused on post-secondary education and training. He has a Master of Journalism from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph.

Does PrEP, an HIV-preventing drug, make sense for gay men?

PrEP is being sold as a way to give gay men peace of mind—but it may not be as risk-free or socially responsible as it seems
Canadian colleges need Chinese students, but it's not easy to recruit them FB

Canada’s colleges need Chinese students. But it’s not easy to recruit them.

Boosters argue colleges are better prepared to serve ESL learners and set students up for long-lasting success
Canadian students need to go to China Feat

Canadian students need to go to China, but they need some help

New scholarships and programs are working to bridge the east-west gap between Canada and China that could define the coming decades

Why banning fraternities isn’t the answer

Eliminating frats isn’t the solution when it comes to stopping sexual assaults and protecting LGBT rights on campus, writes Josh Dehaas
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Student debt does not equal mental illness

Financial stress isn’t a mental illness, it’s a fact of life—and it masks the bigger issue at play

Gambling on an M.D.

In 2013, most would-be doctors came from just six undergrad schools, even though they were the tougher, more competitive ones

How to fight women-only gym times and French-language discounts

Why universities are the best place to learn about what’s fair. And what isn’t.
Frosh Week Feature 2

7 things new university students should know

Real-life advice on roommates, getting into a full class and why engineer parties are worth checking out

Students like diploma-degree option at Guelph-Humber

As student confirmations drop overall at Ontario universities, Guelph-Humber saw a 19% increase
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On Campus

How to stop sex assault on campus

A University of Windsor program aims to spot trouble before sexual assault happens