Jennifer Lewington

(Courtesy of NSCC)

How Nova Scotia Community College students solved a data gap while building their resumés

An NSCC team participated in a six-month-long data analytics competition, illustrating the growing value of students connecting with employers—and vice versa—prior to graduation
Stewart, a Bow Valley College nursing student, completing her lab exercises at home in June (Photograph by Candice Ward)

How these college programs retooled in the middle of a global pandemic

Video games, nursing scrubs at home, cardboard goggles and virtual welding. Ingenuity and improvisation allow students to train hands-on from a distance.
Massie and her dad, Jay, on the main campus of Yukon University in Whitehorse (Photograph by Crystal Schick)

How YukonU, the first university in northern Canada, is finding its way

A degree in First Nations governance is one of the main draws of Canada’s first university north of 60
Dawson College Health Science student Arzeoo Haydari harvests greens at the theatre garden at the Dawson College campus

In a climate-anxious world, these colleges are training students to fight back

Colleges are hearing—and heeding—the call from students who want to make a more livable world and employers that are embracing sustainability

Augmented and virtual reality are helping colleges up their tech game

It’s not just for finding Pokemon any more—but rather a futuristic teaching aid sparking student motivation
Confederation College library books

A library revamp for reconciliation

Confederation College’s library is undergoing a transformation, which includes new book club initiatives and replacing colonial-era subject headings in the filing system
Shipbuilding at Nova Scotia Community College

Making waves in modern shipbuilding

A two-year program recruits Indigenous students on a pathway to jobs in the Royal Canadian Navy’s $25-billion building boom
Confederation College 20190603

The Auntie who helps Indigenous students adjust to college life

How one special adviser assists First Nation students as they negotiate the transition to college

Why universities are trying to recruit overseas students from as many places as possible

In 2018 alone, 54.1 per cent of Canadian study permits went to students from only two countries: India and China. Here’s why and how schools are trying to change that.

Why climate change means Indonesian students are coming to Canada

The country needs actuaries to advise on the financial risks of catastrophic events. But its universities lack programs.