Jennifer Robson

Jennifer Robson is an Assistant Professor at Carleton University's Kroeger College, where she teaches public policy and political management. Prior to Carleton, she spent 15 years working in government and the voluntary sector.
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Is the Liberals’ federal poverty-reduction strategy even really a strategy? 

Opinion: The federal government’s plan to tackle poverty includes no new programs or funding—but it’s still a meaningful document

Economic analysis

Ottawa has boosted benefits, but too many are still not getting them

Red tape and confusing applications get in the way of payouts, which means a big chunk of federal benefits go unclaimed

Parliamentary Budget Officer Jean-Denis Frechette

The problem with involving the PBO in elections

Proposed new rules would compel the Parliamentary Budget Officer to provide non-partisan advice on election platforms. It’s an intriguing idea, riddled with traps

Economic analysis

The problem of child benefits in shared custody

What the planned changes to the federal child benefits really mean for divorced or separated parents

Economic analysis

Saying goodbye to an innovator in Canadian social policy

Many tens of thousands of Canadians are better off because of the social policy work done by Peter Nares.


Is the new Canada Child Benefit fair?

Here’s Jennifer Robson on that key federal budget question

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The Kijiji economy and what it says about Canadian households

A report from Kijiji about Canada’s booming second-hand marketplace offers a look at how struggling families make ends meet

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There will be more money for summer jobs. Will it work?

The important takeaway from Trudeau’s announcement on youth employment: What it says about the current barriers to evidence-based policy-making

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The Liberal changes to TFSA contributions were actually historic

In rolling back TFSA contribution limits, the Liberals broke a nearly six decade trend


Making sense of Canada’s refugee and immigration numbers

If it’s unclear how Canada is doing on bringing refugees to safety, it’s pretty clear we’re letting them remain economically vulnerable after they get here


An open letter to Jeffrey Simpson

Jennifer Robson responds to the Globe and Mail columnist’s charge against Carleton University’s Masters of Political Management

Economic analysis

CPP reform? Here we go, again.

The Tories’ about-face on CPP reform may be driven by politics, but we should welcome the fact that it’s back on the agenda