Kevin Milligan

Kevin Milligan teaches at UBC's Vancouver School of Economics. His research looks at Canada's tax and transfer system and how it affects work, saving, inequality, children and the elderly.
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Progressive corporate tax reform? It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Kevin Milligan: Ratcheting the corporate tax rate up or down doesn’t grow the economy or improve tax fairness. Here’s a smarter approach.

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The Conservative and NDP platforms are starting to take serious shape

Economist Kevin Milligan examines what we know so far about the policies the opposition parties plan to fight the Liberals with in the next election

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Will Bill Morneau’s crackdown on tax avoidance work?

The measures will likely make it harder for high-earning Canadians to avoid the taxman, but the government could have gone further

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What does Trump mean for Canadian taxes?

Canada enjoys a large advantage in corporate tax rates compared to the United States. Under Trump, that could be about to change.

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Making sense of the CPP expansion

Economist Kevin Milligan explains how the CPP expansion came about, what it means for workers, and what comes next

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We are not heading to fiscal crisis

The 2016 federal budget does not put us on the road to 1995-style budget crisis. Here’s why.

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Are deficits the solution to low growth?

The Liberals are betting that deficits will boost growth. The low cost of borrowing means it won’t cost us too much to see if they’re right.

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What provinces can learn from B.C.’s sound finances

B.C. still faces challenges with its budget, but far and away it has the best finances of any province in the country.

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Why a big stimulus plan isn’t the fix for what ails Canada

5 things to consider before asking Ottawa to embark on a massive stimulus plan for the Canadian economy

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CPP reform is back on the agenda. Here’s what you need to know

Economist Kevin Milligan provides the why, what and who of CPP reform ahead of this weekend’s meeting of Canada’s finance ministers

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How to stop the rich from dodging higher taxes

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has the power to change the tax system to make it harder for high earners to avoid taxes, but it’s going to take political will

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Why it’s not enough to simply restore the long-form census

Bringing back the long-form census was the easy part. If this government is serious about data, there is a lot more it should do.