Kim Honey

Editor, special issues.
Acadia University Campus

Acadia University: student life on campus

Best place for a nap, good hangover breakfast, and more


For the record: Stingers’ hockey captain on resilience and teamwork

At the Maclean’s-Concordia Town Hall on the future of education and the future of work, a student panel talked about how university prepared them for the working world.


Canada’s top party schools 2017

The full list of 47 schools, ranked by average hours spent partying a week, calculated from self-reported data from the Maclean’s student survey


For the record: A bug-eating advocate on why she loves experimental food

Laura Shine studied French literature and politics before she found her true calling in the study of extreme food


2016 Maclean’s University Rankings: A letter from the editor

For 25 years, Maclean’s has helped Canadians make educated decisions about post-secondary education. This year we’re back, bigger and better than ever.