Manisha Krishnan


Come for the haircut, stay for the party

With in-house baristas and free booze, salons are taking spa service to new heights


Hells Angels as constitutional defenders

‘Our fight will be for all British Columbians,’ chapter president says


World’s ‘best’ cities are often overrated

According to a new list of city rankings, I just visited two of the greatest cities in the world. Funny, considering how little I enjoyed myself.


The Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards: The Strongest Families Institute

Tackling the challenge of providing mental health care from a distance


So a man walks into a Yukon bar (and swallows a toe)

From 2013: ‘I really thought I was probably going to end up choking. How lame would that look?’ Joshua Clark recounts the stunt


Nova Scotia election puts Liberals and NDP to the test

Will the October provincial election predict things to come in 2015?


Facials out of ‘Fear Factor’

Nightingale poop and even sheep placentas are now in the service of a better complexion


Kevin Barreira Raposo

Once shy, he developed a love of heavy metal music and tattoos. He was proud to land a job building Canada’s tallest condo tower.

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Living apart, together

1.9 million Canadians, many 60-plus, are saying no to cohabitation and marriage

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Dyslexics of the world, untie

Order off the menu, don’t keep your condition a secret, and other tips from a veteran


From casino nights to ‘destination wakes,’ a modern take on memorials

‘It’s up to us to create an experience, not just provide a funeral’