Marie-Danielle Smith

Marie-Danielle Smith is an Ottawa-based writer for Maclean’s, hunting whimsy and wonkery on Parliament Hill. She has filed from faraway cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, Brussels and Winnipeg. She peddles pun-ditry.
Kirsten Hillman, for Maclean’s magazine

Kirsten Hillman on U.S. protectionism and the possible return of Donald Trump

Canada’s first female ambassador to the U.S. talks Canada’s relationship with its neighbour to the south and why things aren’t as tense as they seem
Zarqa Nawaz (Photograph by Carey Shaw)

Zarqa Nawaz had a hit show, then a decade-long dry spell. She’s ready for her second act.

She had a hit with Little Mosque on the Prairie. Then came a years-long creative slump–until she landed a book deal and TV series on the same day.
(Photograph by Wade Hudson)

Why political powerhouse Anita Anand is No. 5 on the 2022 Maclean’s Power List

Versatility and hard work have catapulted Anand to the upper echelon of Trudeau’s government
Niigaan Sinclair; Murray Sinclair (Courtesy of David Lipnowski/University of Manitoba;Skye Spence/Queen's Alumni Review)

Murray and Niigaan Sinclair, the father-son duo working toward reconciliation—and opening Canada’s eyes

If legal titan Murray Sinclair was the first person in the room, his media-savvy son is trying to change the room altogether. Together, they are at No. 30 on our Power List.
Stephen Poloz. (Photograph by Jessica Deeks)

Stephen Poloz on economic dangers ahead, staying positive and lessons from Star Trek

The former Bank of Canada governor talks with Marie-Danielle Smith about his new book, the politics of inflation, and how a near-death experience changed his outlook on life
First page of a 961 letter from Luther Perkins to Margie Perkins Beaver. (Courtesy of Margie Perkins Beaver)

This letter tells the story of Johnny Cash’s pivotal 1961 trip to Newfoundland

Luther Perkins, Cash’s lead guitarist at the time, wrote the letter to his wife
The Hôtel de Glace ice moulds in their Valcartier, QC storage lot, shown in a long exposure image combined with another image that used light painting techniques. (Photo illustration by Roger LeMoyne)

Building Canada’s coolest hotel

Hôtel de Glace, a colourful, snowy fortress—made of 15,000 tonnes of artificial snow and 2,000 blocks of sculpted ice—will welcome visitors from Jan. 2, 2022 to March 20, 2022
The new $10-billion James Webb Space Telescope; as the private sector funds routine spaceflight, space agencies can ‘push the frontiers’ (Courtesy of Desiree Stover/NASA)

Space exploration is about more than launching billionaires into orbit

The eye-rolling at the obvious PR stunt of sending William Shatner to space hides a growing antipathy towards space exploration—but we’ve forgotten how much humanity benefitted from it
Peltier in November 2021 (Photograph by Blair Gable)

Autumn Peltier on youth activism, challenging Trudeau, and a future in politics

The 17-year-old climate activist spoke with Marie-Danielle Smith about working towards change, confronting Trudeau at 12 years old and what she’s focused on now
New Moose sign. (Courtesy of Transportation Association of Canada)

The TikTok star behind Canada’s new—and less floppy—moose crossing sign

Chloë Chapdelaine, then 18 years old and living in a small town with no WiFi, redesigned the floppy-looking moose sign out of boredom. Now her design will officially replace the old one.