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Nick Taylor-Vaisey was a digital editor at <em>Maclean's</em>.
Fowler’s reputation as a speedrunner has earned him a vocal, devoted online audience (Photograph by Niki Chan Wylie)

Mitch Fowler and the brain-bending world of ’speedrunning’

An old video game, a lot of practice and one hour, nine minutes and 58 seconds of perfection
World News &#8211; May 5, 2021

The NACI problem and how to fix it

The volunteer panel is dispensing crucial vaccine advice meant to keep Canadians safe and healthy. But NACI desperately needs to do better on the national stage.
The Snowbirds in the Canada Burst formation. (Courtesy of DND-MDN)

These Snowbirds are turning 50. But don’t ask them about their age.

After a tragic year and persistent questions about the iconic aerial acrobats’ uncertain future, the Snowbirds fly back to their spring training ground
Barbara Sherwood Lollar (Courtesy of Stable Isotope Lab/University of Toronto)

This geologist found the oldest water on earth—in a Canadian mine

The billion-year-old water might help unlock one of humanity’s biggest unanswered questions: Could there be life on other planets?
Tricia Smith, president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, stands at Vancouver’s Locarno Beach on March 26, 2021. (Photograph by Alia Youssef)

’Only athletes pay the price’: The COC president on the folly of boycotting the Beijing Olympics

Canadian Olympic Committee president and Olympic medallist Tricia Smith on the pandemic’s harsh impact on athletes and why Canada should send a team to Beijing next year
Freeland attends a news conference in Ottawa on Nov. 30, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

Budget 2021: Here’s how Liberals are paying for all that spending

The long-awaited federal budget outlines a strong recovery and rising revenues. But it all comes at a very steep price: $142 billion in new spending over the next five years, and accumulated deficits of $686 billion.
Kacee Vasudeva. (Photograph by Lucy Lu)

Kacee Vasudeva made auto parts and bug repellant. Then he retooled for the pandemic.

When the need for domestically produced PPE soared last year, Vasudeva’s Maxtech retooled its production lines and got to work
Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland :atty Hajdu Theresa Tam Bill Morneau Jean-Yves Duclos

A peek into the early scramble to track COVID-19

Politics Insider for March 17: Thousands of disclosed docs continue to tell the pandemic’s story, the Tories want to take a closer look at the Rogers-Shaw deal, and an unfortunate CPC tweet
People celebrate with fireworks in Old Crow, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, after a day of vaccinations. (Charyl Charlie)

A vaccination success story in the far North

A team of immunizers faced hours of delays as they headed north to Old Crow, Yukon. They were treated to caribou stew, an overwhelming turnout and a jubilant celebration.
COVID Vaccines 20200805

Why was Canada’s vaccine task force kept secret for most of last summer?

Politics Insider for March 9: Ottawa pulled back on a June plan to announce the vaccine task force days after it got down to work, the Commons votes electronically for the first time and the Kielburgers are summoned