Pam Palmater

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’Thank you for your donation’

Pam Palmater: Tearful apologies and flowery speeches about reconciliation won’t cut it if Trudeau wants the support of Indigenous peoples in the next election. He needs to come clean and take real action.
Parl Native Protest 20170629
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The Supreme Court has just gutted the Crown’s duty to consult First Nations

Opinion: The newly released Mikisew decision creates easy backdoor for governments to once again run roughshod over Indigenous rights
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Greyhound Canada’s cuts are a public safety crisis for Indigenous people

Opinion: Indigenous people will be disproportionately affected by the loss of one of the few—if not only—modes of accessible transportation in remote places
Kanikuen Penashue
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Indigenous rights are not conditional on public opinion

Opinion: A poll finds that most Canadians believe we apologize too much for residential schools. But it doesn’t matter if Indigenous rights are unpopular—what matters is we change
Justin Triudeau
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By buying Trans Mountain, the Trudeau government breaks an array of promises

Opinion: In one fell swoop, the Liberal government’s purchase of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline fails many groups, from Indigenous communities to the provinces themselves